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I Need Some New Ideas

Lately I’ve been attempting to brainstorm new ways to make money online. I haven’t really been successful. It feels like I’m right back to square one, reading other people’s blogs and browsing Wickedfire in a feeble attempt to find something that will work for me. Even worse, I’m having a hard time finding things that I haven’t tried yet. I’ve tried all of the following, with little to no success:

Content sites

I’ve built a few real sites, loaded them with content (original or no), and stuck some Adsense code/affiliate offers on them. Pretty much nothing has happened. I’m really not very good at picking good niches.

  • What I plan to do better: I really don’t know. Maybe I’ll make 3,000 splogs and hope they each make a nickel per day. It also goes without saying that I plan on sticking with this site (still haven’t missed a daily update). Maybe I’ll get more interest in my new paid review service. Who knows.


Failures all around. It seems like I’m either terrible at picking good products, or I can’t build landing pages. The only success I’ve had so far is with zip submit polls, and I haven’t had a good idea for one of those in over a month.

  • What I plan to do better: Try to come up with more ideas for zip submit polls. Limit campaigns to long-tail keywords to increase conversion rate. Find out what a good landing page looks like and mimic it.

Writing (content creation)

Not going to happen. I may be able to produce original articles in a decent time frame, but it seems like everybody in India can do it better, faster, and cheaper. Hats off to those hard-working folks.

  • What I plan to do better: Nothing. I don’t have the time to write enough to make any decent money.


The one thing I haven’t tried. I’m talking more about opt-in stuff, not spam. Paul wrote an interesting article about using auto responders to make money with affiliate marketing, and I’ve been toying with a few ideas on how to put the method to use. We’ll see how that goes.

  • What I plan to do: I’m going to pick a good offer and try the craigslist/auto responder trick. I’ll write the ads so they don’t sound spammy, and mayble I’ll get a couple of bites. I think that’s a good place to start.


I want to come up with something new and interesting. Jason wrote an ebook about a service that pays you $15/month to display their banner ads. The book talks about mass producing sites to take advantage of that, etc. That service + 3,000 autoblogs = profit, although I’m not sure if they’re still around anymore. I want to come up with an interesting idea like that, but right now nothing is rattling around in my big, empty head. Maybe I just need to look around more.

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4 Responses to “I Need Some New Ideas”

  1. Jason Says:

    Re - niche sites. Try the keyword research mentioned in the guide @ 5DollarFormula.com (not mine, but free and he knows his stuff). :)

    Good luck on the IM, haven’t been banking much profit this month either.

  2. Matt L Says:

    Content - buying a generic domain, grab some cheap hosting for it (get $10/yr hosting on eBay - unreliable but cheap and perfect for splogs) install Wordpress multi-user and setup those 3,000 spam blogs :P

    Host contests through other blogs to kick up your RSS count and get to that 1,000 goal faster so you can sell ads on this site and up your ReviewU Now price.

    PPC - don’t give up. You’ll eventually find a working pattern. Paul has only been doing affiliate marketing for a little over a year and last I checked he makes 1 mil+ per month.

    Also, I found this site which I am considering: affiliatesilverbullet.com ( http://affiliatesilverbullet.com/testdrive/ )

    Other - maybe setup a couple of proxies to make some quick cash? It would take no more than a couple of hours to setup 5-10 proxies and promote them. At the very minimum you could bring in $2/day each.

    Just some ideas….

  3. Homebizseo.com Says:

    I do well with content base websites with google ads. The money I make is not john chow caliber but it is great. It seems that everyone that visit my site clicks a few ads. That may be due to the fact that google does great at matching ads with content.

  4. 2ThePoint Says:


    I find what usually helps is to not think about it. You know like when you’re waiting for a bus, and 3 frikkin buses drive past in the opposite direction? Just don’t think about what to do next, go for a walk, go do something completely unrelated. Then, after a while, you might find the ideas start trickling in and before you know it, you might have lots.

    Try it.

    take care…

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