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My Activities/Around the Blogosphere

I struck on something brilliant (read: lucky) yesterday, and I’ve been spending all of my time promoting it. I don’t want to tell what it is too soon (just in case it falls flat), but if it works like I think it will, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. I’ll give you a hint though:

Morons + Email Submits + Good Domain Name + New Campaign + Relevant to Current Events = Profit.

In addition to that idea, I’ve been doing some research on using proxies and CPM ads to make the $$$. If you don’t know what a CPM ad is, basically you are paid a set rate per thousands views. I know next to nothing about what those types of ads generally go for, so I’m looking around. Also, unless I can talk my web host into turning a blind eye to my system resource usage, I may have to look into getting a VPS (hopefully not though).

To top it all off, I’m still working on some craigslist ads that trigger an autoresponder with my product affiliate link. Those haven’t been too terribly successful, and I’m working on making new ads for different cities.

So yeah. Busy day. I don’t have anything too terribly witty or interesting to say, so why not take a look at some people who do?

  • Cow is picking up Entrecard for a month again to prove that (most of) its traffic is worthless. Preaching to the choir here.
  • Paul is answering questions. He still hasn’t answered mine though (Do you play Smash Bros?).
  • Jason interviewed some big important guy. Definitely an interesting read.

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2 Responses to “My Activities/Around the Blogosphere”

  1. Matt Says:

    On the proxies you are going to want to go with AdBrite for CPM. Why? Because they are one of the few decent paying ad networks that actually allow you to put their code on proxified pages. (Put AdSense on the home page of the proxies).

  2. David Parkinson Says:

    Sounds like you need the craigslist autoresponder which solves your problems mentioned in this post.

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