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Comment Kahuna is an EXCELLENT Spamming Tool

I know the makers of Comment Kahuna probably created their tool with pure intentions, but unfortunately for them, it makes it so easy to spam your links all over the place. It also happens to be free to download and use, so if you’re partial to the darker side of SEO, you may want to give it a look.

Yes, I know it’s been around for months, but I hadn’t given it a try until today. Cry about it.

What it is

Comment Kahuna is a neat little program that goes out and finds blogs that don’t use the nofollow tag in their comments. Without the nofollow tag in place, comments you leave on blogs count as backlinks (assuming you include your URL). Anyway, you plug in a keyword, specify what platforms to search on (Wordpress, livejournal, etc), and it comes back with a nice list of blogs ranked from highest pagerank to lowest. You then select which blogs you want to leave comments on and Comment Kahuna queues them up for you to spam read.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it also lets you pre-populate the comment fields (name, URL, email address) and has a nice little area where you can copy and paste your comment. There’s no way this thing could be used for evil, right?

Giving it a try

If you can’t get backlinks honestly, go out and steal them. I’ve been trying to optimize one of my new websites, and so far the going has been slow. I’ve never tried blackhat stuff before, so I figured a few dozen PR5+ links from old, unused blogs wouldn’t hurt anybody. I fired up Comment Kahuna and went to work.

First of all, I noticed that it’s fairly useless for Livejournal. Secondly, I noticed that the free Wordpress service has close to no spam control. Several dozen high-PR backlinks later, I was pretty happy.

Then it stopped working

I don’t know what happened. The program crashes when I run it now. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled it four times and I still get the same error. I’m a little disappointed. Maybe it’s a Vista thing.


If you’re looking to do some small-time spamming, Comment Kahuna is your friend. Since it’s free, I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t want to give it a try (other than ethics).

One more thing

While I’m on the subject of shady SEO, here’s another tactic I’m trying: Referrer Bombing. Nickycakes has written a couple of decent articles on the subject, and it’s pretty easy to implement so I’m giving it a try.

How to implement (short version):

  1. Download the Stumbleupon toolbar.
  2. Download Refcontrol.
  3. Download AutoIT.
  4. Write script for AutoIT to click your left mouse button once every three seconds five thousand times (it’s like five lines of code, go read their help documentation. If you have absolutely no familiarity with coding, send me a message).
  5. Use Refcontrol to set your referrer to whatever site you’re trying to promote.
  6. Run script, put mouse cursor over Stumble button.
  7. Go to bed.

Doing this will put your site’s URL in the logs of every site you visit, and some of those logs are indexed by Google. This technique is not bullet proof. If whatever site you stumble upon resizes your browser, or you run into a site with an expired certificate, the whole thing grinds to a halt (this can be corrected with a more complex script). Also, if your girlfriend happens to sit down at your computer when it’s set to click once every three seconds, she will become very confused. Still, it’s something to try.

EDIT:  Comment Kahuna is suddenly working again.  Definitely an OS issue.

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9 Responses to “Comment Kahuna is an EXCELLENT Spamming Tool”

  1. Matt L Says:

    I would recommend making the ’spam’ comments look like real comments as much as possible. Even something generic that you could use over and over would be better than ‘great post! thanks.’ Google is cracking down on link spamming.

    Also, as far as your Kahuna install not working properly, this video for Vista will work perfectly for you:


  2. mike Says:

    browser resizing can be contolled through firefox’s javascript options. I have mine disabled because I hate Stumbling then suddenly hit a website that tries to take control of my browser.

  3. Homebizseo.com Says:

    I will try Comment Kahuna…..not so much for spamming just to find the no follow tag

  4. iCONCEPT SEO Says:

    I just installed the most recent version of but whenever I click post, it encounters error and application closes. I’m running on XP. does anyone here have the same experience?

  5. Oleg Says:

    Uninstall and reinstall. Thats all it took to get my Comment Kahuna to fix its errors.

  6. Queen Diva Says:

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Comment Kahuna twice, I’ve been in contact with their support people, and it still isn’t working. It worked the first day, kinda…. after about 15 posts it would freeze up and I would have to close it through the task manager. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s not working at all now! Humph!

  7. Chris Says:

    dude I think you should make your RSS icon a bit bigger, how do you expect anyone to notice that for crying out loud

  8. rod Says:

    Comment kahuna is a search engine tool.What he do is search blogs and you have to post your comment while xrumer can post your comment to 100,000 blogs with just a click of a button.Xrumer is very popular and effective if you want to get rich quickly but this software is a little bit complicated to handle and cost around 500 dollar to buy this software.

  9. volleyball information Says:

    Thanks will try, you should post more info on how to use your technique, expecially the script.

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