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I’m Not Going to Blog Today

You know what? I need a day off. You know, some time to recharge the creative batteries. In that regard, I’m not going to blog about anything today.

Instead, I think I’ll spend some time outside. It’s in the mid-60s today, for the first time in months. I think I’ll walk over to the student Union and get a cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll ride my bike for a bit. When I get back, perhaps I’ll open all the windows and air out my apartment (trust me, it needs it).

After that, I’ll probably spend the rest of the day indoors. I’ve got a bunch of Wii games I’ve been meaning to finish, and that’s definitely a high priority. After that, I think I’ll browse Wickedfire’s free Ebook section (I’m not going to direct-link it, but it’s easy to find). You’d be surprised at what’s available there. Chances are, if they’re asking hundreds for it on DP, it’s free on WF. Legal? I dunno, but it’s worth a look. If I can’t find anything good on Wickefire, I still have two other Ebooks that I’ve been meaning to finish (’Marketing Sherpa Guide to Landing Pages’ and ‘The Rich Jerk’). I didn’t get those from Wickedfire, but I didn’t pay for them either. It’s good to know (generous) people. Remember kids: Never pay for an Ebook (unless it’s brand new or you know the author has a good reputation). Most of the time, you can find them for free.

By the time I’m done with all of that, I’ll probably have to go to my increasingly-boring job. Work has been incredibly slow lately, so I think I’ll use that time to research an affiliate offer that I recently found, and possibly setup a PPC campaign for it. Right now I’m trying to decide what style to do the landing page in. I’ve actually been thinking about using that sales letter format that damn near everybody uses (see this page as an example).  Anyway, I still have to determine what kind of competition I’ll be facing, so I’ll worry about the landing page format later.

So, yeah.  Sorry I won’t be blogging today, but I need some time to think.  See you guys tomorrow.

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One Response to “I’m Not Going to Blog Today”

  1. Matt Says:

    Enjoy your day off, though technically you did blog today as I’m sure you realize :D

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