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I Want an XBox 360

The Cow is having a contest. I want to win said contest. Why? Because I’m sick of the Wii’s terrible online support. He’s giving away a free XBox 360 Elite, and I want one.

Screw you Nintendo. You promised us a next-gen console, and we’ve received nothing but mediocre crap. It’s time for me to cast off my Nintendo-only hat and find a system with decent online support (and better graphics. and more ’serious’ games). You had your chance, and I’m done waiting.

Entering the contest is simple. You have a variety of ways to get tickets, and after I publish this post I’ll have a total of 560 entries. I really, really would like to win, so I’m going to keep building entries by posting links to the contest everywhere I can think of. Maybe I’ll even enter via my personal blog (if that’s allowed).

Anyway, under no circumstances should you enter this contest. If fewer people enter, I have a better chance of winning.

Edit: Contest is being sponsored by Top Hosting Center. I need to learn to read the rules.

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12 Responses to “I Want an XBox 360”

  1. Matt Says:

    Best of luck. I am a PS3 man myself, but I am right there with you against the Wii. It is definitely not a console for serious gaming - I find it more use only as an attraction when people come over.

  2. Sabrina Says:

    I agree 100%, the Wii is great for Carnival Games - but beyond that, it blows. But I entered so, game on!

  3. Blogmastr Says:

    I’ve entered as well, so good luck to the both of us! Should be good for whoever wins :D

  4. I Hope This Wins Me A 360 | blogmastr Says:

    [...] link [...]

  5. indocontest Says:

    Good Luck for Everyone.
    especially for me!! :)

  6. Bryan Says:

    I’ve signed up and written a post on my blog. Good luck to all of you entered…but more luck to me.

  7. Rob Says:

    Hah, I’m going to be the one who wins : p. Good luck guys, your going to need it!

  8. Reid @ MooneyQuest.com Says:

    I’m going to enter this contest as well. Hope I can win as my latest console is an old PS2, lol. Good luck to whoever wins.

  9. Bryan Says:

    Good luck to all of you entered…but more luck to me.

  10. Win an XBOX 360 Elite and GTA IV! | grandmasterb.com Says:

    [...] link [...]

  11. Jurgen P. Says:

    I need that Xbox, good luck to me and you.

  12. Cah Kontes Says:

    The last hours of the contest. Cross all your fingers! :)

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