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Applying PPC To My Day Job

I had an interesting thought yesterday. What if I could apply PPC marketing techniques to my day job? Special thanks to Nickycakes for planting the idea in my head.

Let me explain. I’m part of my workplace’s campus recruiting program. Basically, I go out and make students aware of the job opportunities that are available at my workplace, and I’m paid $10 for each resume I collect and $250 for each person hired from those resumes. Yesterday I started thinking about the whole deal in affiliate marketing terms: Aren’t those two actions just like leads and sales? Once I made that connection, I started thinking about ways I could use various marketing techniques that I’ve learned to increase my monthly payouts.

Up until now, I’ve been getting my leads and sales from word of mouth, craigslist, and un-targeted Facebook marketplace listings. Ah yes, Facebook. Ever had one of those moments where a lightbulb turns on in your head? I decided to try using Facebook’s advertising system to my advantage.

It turns out Facebook’s targeting methods are exactly what I needed. Look at it this way:

With a Facebook Marketplace listing, I’m targeting everybody with no filters. Crapshoot.

With the Facebook ad I created, I was able to target:

  • College students and graduates only
  • Located in my town and the neighboring town
  • Enrolled in Computer Science, Computer Technology, or Computer Engineering

That cuts it down to approximately 560 (presumably qualified) people. I set my max CPC to $0.50 and waited. So far, I’ve gotten three clicks and three submitted resumes. For those of you who aren’t very good at math, that means I spent $1.50 and got $30 back, resulting in a $28.50 profit. That number has the potential to be much higher, if any of those people are hired. Not a bad deal, in my opinion.

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3 Responses to “Applying PPC To My Day Job”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The next step is to spam all 560 presumably qualified people with the offer. They want what you’re offering, they just don’t know it yet. :)

  2. Jason Says:

    Excellent stuff mate, get 500 off them to qualify and you’re in serious bank.

    Glad to see thinking out of the box works :)

  3. Homebizseo.com Says:

    That is a great way to target market with facebook. GoodLuck!!

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