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You Can’t Get Rich With a Coupon Site

Ever save a post and forget to hit ‘Publish’? Sorry for the late entry.

If you’re a member of Commission Junction, then you’ve probably signed up to be an affiliate of Dell, Sony, Apple, or all of the above. If that’s true, then you’ve probably also had your inbox filled with seemingly daily emails informing you about new coupon codes you can give to your customers. If you’re like me, you probably delete these messages without a second glance.

Until yesterday, I had never really considered making a coupon site. Why? Because I’d be competing with enormous, well-established sites that are 5+ years old and have hundreds of thousands of backlinks (not an exaggeration. Go to dnscoop.com and look up couponmountain.com). The coupon niche is flooded, old, and pretty much impossible to break into. Regardless of that, I finally decided ‘to hell with it’ and created a site: Dell Home & Home Office Coupons.

The reason for me making this site is pretty simple: I know people who are likely to buy a Dell computer in the near future, and my site has an easily-remembered URL. I send them there, they click banners and buy something, I get 1-2%. Since I don’t plan on spending any money marketing the site, I’ll only have to refer one or two people in the next year to make back the cost of the domain registration. In the meantime, I’ll have new content being delivered to my inbox nearly daily, and with enough link building and word-of-mouth referrals, I could quite possibly make a few bucks with this site. Not enough to get rich, but maybe enough to fill a gas tank or two.

Ways I plan to get referrals:

  • My workplace uses nothing but Dell computers. Maybe I can talk my boss into clicking through my site next time they order new ones.
  • Word of mouth to friends and family members.
  • Links in my forum signatures.
  • Extremely long keywords (cheap dell xps system laptop omg).

Like I said, there’s literally no way I can compete with the big coupon sites in the SERPs, but I still might be able to make a few bucks doing other forms of marketing. If I’m really lucky, I’ll have a few hundred pages of content in the next few months, and with some decent monthly revenue I could probably sell the site to some DP sheep. Who knows.

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4 Responses to “You Can’t Get Rich With a Coupon Site”

  1. Ty Brown Says:

    I’m actually planning on buying a dell computer this week but didn’t find a coupon to fit what I need on your site. Sorry

  2. Tim Says:

    Gotta make it an Apple site - give the people what they really want. :D

  3. Rob Says:

    Well you got a nice domain for it, and since you’re only going after dell home coupons, you have a better chance than if you were doing an “everything” coupon site.

    A word of caution though… every coupon site newbie on the internet is copying and pasting those dell emails, so you’re going to end up with a blog that’s nothing but duplicate content. And “Save $170 + Upgrade 3 GB Memory + Upgrade 320 Hard Drive + Free standard shipping on Inspiron 1720 laptop. Only $849 After Savings!” is not a good title or heading. Put a minute amount of effort into it.

  4. April Says:

    This was a pretty interesting post. I am an affiliate through cj, and I do get a lot of emails for coupons, etc. To be honest though, I really haven’t made to much through their program. Thanks for sharing.

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