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Interesting Little Affiliate Network

I found a nice little affiliate network last night: Traffic Payouts. When I say little, I mean it. They only have programs with six companies so far, and they’re all “make a billion dollars a day typing at home” kind of offers. You’ve probably seen them spammed on craigslist before.

Anyway, why would I bring up a network that only promotes programs that are widely considered to be scams? Well, it turns out that you can make some decent money with them. For example, if you sign up through the link I posted above, I get $5 for every sale you send, forever. That’s a lot of potential money on 2nd tier affiliates. I earned $10 for the guy who referred me last night, and seeing as how he advertised his link and methodology to all of Wickedfire, I’m sure he’s getting a lot of referral money right now.

You also get 70% of every sale you generate. For the product I was promoting, that came to $35 per sale. Not too shabby. They also pay out twice per month, and Paypal is one of the options (and they even cover all of Paypal’s fees). If that wasn’t enough, they also give out prizes to their top-20 affiliates every month (ranging from XBox 360s to 50″ LCD TVs).

Now, I’m not going to write a lot today. Instead, I’m going to send you guys on a little scavenger hunt. Go to Wickedfire. Now go to their Affiliate Marketing forum. In that forum, you’ll find a topic that talks about how to promote offers from Traffic Payouts. Read it all, it’s valuable information. Let me put it this way: Using that method, I setup a PPC campaign that direct-linked to the offer page through my affiliate URL. Without even doing any clever ad writing, I managed to get close to 300 clicks and 2 sales. I know a 0.67% conversion rate is pathetic, but it let me break even. The guy who shared the method I’m talking about gets around a 3% conversion rate, which means I would have made around $280 profit if I would have followed his instructions exactly (instead of being lazy). I’m going to do that today, so read fast and hope that I’m busy at work (otherwise you’ll have another competitor).

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4 Responses to “Interesting Little Affiliate Network”

  1. William Montanaro Says:

    I can’t find that post anywhere :(

    I’ll keep looking though, will let you know if I find it and how I get on. If I do find it I’ll go through your referral…

  2. William Montanaro Says:

    Yeah I definitely cannot find that post

  3. William Montanaro Says:

    found it! nice method, not sure it’s my kinda thing though…

  4. Jason Says:

    Signed up, I cannot believe the $5/lead though, will remain skeptical. Do you know anyone that has received the money?

    That they force you to signup to their list after registering isn’t increasing my view of them any further…

    Anyways, a friend just told me he made three hundred and has requested payment. We’ll see how it goes :)

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