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Facebook Targeting: Use It!

What can I say? I’m on a Facebook kick.

When I first started using Facebook’s advertising platform, I was using it much like I used Google Adwords: Broad, untargeted, throwing ads against the wall and hoping something stuck. Basically, I was doing this:

Eventually, I figured out that my campaigns would convert better if I took advantage of Facebook’s targeting features. I started doing this:

(There’s 80 of them, in case you’re wondering)

What if I don’t want to get that specific though? What if I have an offer that can reasonably apply to everybody? Well, I finally figured that one out too.

Learn which demographic converts best

Then take advantage of it. Like I said earlier, I’m running a campaign that promotes a service that nearly anybody can use. Instead of just throwing up an ad that targets everybody, I decided to find out where my clicks were coming from and who was converting the best. After setting up a dozen different campaign subIDs, I broke my ad group into a dozen ads. Those ads targeted the following (not a complete list):

  • Male college students in the US ages 18-24
  • Female college students in the US ages 18-24
  • Male college students in Canada ages 18-24
  • Female college students in the Canada ages 18-24
  • Men in the US ages 25+
  • Women in the US ages 25+

And so on and so forth. As I type this, that campaign is sitting at 150 clicks, nearly half coming from just one of those demographics. I can use that information to write a more specific ad for that demographic (for instance, including their country of origin in the ad copy), which could in turn increase my CTR and conversion rate. Also, I can find which demographics seem uninterested in my ad and either modify it or remove it altogether.

As you can see, knowing where your clicks are coming from can be very beneficial. Since I always write my daily posts the night before, I can’t tell you how many conversions I’ve gotten from this campaign yet (Commission Junction’s reporting is incredibly delayed). If it turns out that this campaign isn’t a flop, and it actually makes me some money, I’ll let you guys know how my ad targeting works out.

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    I get a ton of traffic from facebook just by editing my profile every hour or so. The editing system by facebook sends a message to everyone in the network

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