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Goodbye Entrecard

Hello Twitter.

I decided to drop the Entrecard widget.  While it was a good idea in theory, in practice, it’s just too easy to abuse.  90% of the traffic I got from Entrecard was worthless (pop in, drop card, leave), so there’s really no point in keeping the widget.  My 2000ish credits will go to the first person to ask for them.

In its place, I’ve put up the Twitter widget.  I’ve discovered that my layout is horrible for widgets, so it’s waaay down at the bottom of my sidebar.  It’s not pretty, but it works.

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8 Responses to “Goodbye Entrecard”

  1. Reid @ MooneyQuest.com Says:

    Well, I guess I better ask for them then. First time checking out your blog but I’m definitely going to subscribe. Good job!

  2. Sunduvan Says:

    Internet can’t get you rich but you are still here? Still hoping to get rich? hahaha

  3. Andreas from Xavier Media Says:

    With the current pricing structure at Entrecard I guess we will see a lot more sites do the smae as you’ve done.


  4. Homebizseo.com Says:

    Most sites will do the same as you. I can’t get rich either. I need quality traffic to make money online.

  5. C-Squared Says:

    I’ll take your credits :P

  6. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Yeah, I’m not very excited with the most recent update to the pricing structure of Entrecard. It’s kind of put a damper on my soon to launch website. I’m still going to launch in about a week and a half, but it won’t be nearly as good. Anyways, if these guys don’t take your credits, I sure will. I’m jaredstenzel on Entrecard.

  7. JustChris Says:

    Entrecard is nice to get traffic for “grand opening” blogs. And yeah, the pricing structure is kind of goofy now. John Chow’s blog is at 8192 creds per day!

  8. Jay Says:

    First of all, good for you man. I’ve been preaching how there are too many abusers in the Entrecard system with their “fake traffic.”

    I still have the widget on my blog but now that I don’t drop at all, I get like less than 5 visitors per day lol but that’s fine with me because most of my traffic didn’t come from there to begin with.


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