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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Alright guys, desperate times call for desperate measures. As I’ve mentioned, I’m scraping the bottom of my idea barrel, so my options are limited. In an effort to keep the creative juices flowing, I’m going to resort to…

Magic brain drugs.

Ever heard of Piracetam? Apparently, it’s pretty popular among college students. According to Wikipedia, piracetam does a load of neat things to your brain, including:

Enhancing verbal memory in healthy college students in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

If Wikipedia said it, it must be true, right? Overall, the supplement is supposed to increase cognitive function through a variety of mechanisms, or as the bodybuilders put it, “make your brain work good.”

I’d be lying if I said this site was the only reason I’m going to start taking this stuff. For one, my memory isn’t what most people would call “good”, and it irks my girlfriend. Also, my summer classes begin in early June, so I’d like to have my brain soaking in the stuff by then (my GPA could use a little boost). If you check out that link above, you’ll notice that I ordered a 500g tub, which should keep me going for the next six months.

Speaking of that link

You might have also noticed that it’s obviously an affiliate link. When I found what I wanted on that site, I remembered that I was an affiliate for that company. Come to find out, I get 10% of every sale I refer through that link, which means I get roughly $1.80 back. This leads me to my next point: Even if you’re terrible at affiliate marketing, you can still benefit by joining these programs. Being an affiliate for a company is like having a coupon for anything you buy from them. If you’re not a member of Commission Junction, I’d suggest joining and then browsing their merchants next time you want to buy something. For example:

  • I wouldn’t mind having an iPod touch. As an Apple affiliate, I automatically get 1% back, not to mention all of the coupons they fill my inbox with.
  • What about if I needed a new laptop from Dell? There’s another 1% back (plus affiliate coupons).
  • How about a nice new TV from Sony? 2% back.

Those are just a few examples. CJ has affiliate programs with tons of merchants, so you can get a little bit back on practically any item you could think of.

What about free web hosting?

While I’m on this train of thought, here’s something that I’ve been wondering about: Most web hosting merchants on CJ offer around $100 for new signups. Some of their hosting packages only cost $60 per year. Would it be possible to get a year of free web hosting by referring yourself? I’ve been looking through their advertising guidelines, and I’m not seeing anything that says you can’t refer yourself. Maybe I just missed it, who knows.

Anyway, if you’re a real penny-pincher, that’s just something you should keep in mind.

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7 Responses to “Performance Enhancing Drugs”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but just because Wikipedia says it does not mean it is true. Wikipedia is open to edits from anyone, and a study two months ago said roughly 23% of the information on Wikipedia was false or outdated.

    There’s always caffeine too. I drink the equivalent of about 20 cups of coffee per day (between NoDoz caffeine pills, energy drinks, sodas, and actual coffee). It helps, but like with all drugs you become addicted quickly. If I don’t get enough caffeine one day, I will get a horrible migraine.

  2. Ryan Says:


    It was most definitely sarcasm.

    And I’d be willing to bet money that Geoff is addicted to caffeine something fierce.

  3. Anonymous Says:



    Wikipedians take their little encyclopedia extremely seriously and keep a very close eye on it. Wikipedia is not the den of falsehoods that journalists and academics make it out to be. Wikipedia editors may be obnoxious, dramatic and overly serious, but it’s this seriousness that makes the thing more accurate than the world’s most famous printed encyclopedia.

  4. Geoff Says:

    Already a caffeine addict.
    I didn’t say it outright, but Piracetam is completely legal. It’s not addictive, and it has no side effects. Don’t worry, I’ve done my research (aside from Wikipedia).

  5. Jason Says:

    Drugs help, but you are taking the wrong type of them buddy. *coughs*

    Being in the US, you should know better. :razz:

  6. Sabrina Says:

    @Jason LMAO!
    @Geoff - I’ve been using 5 hour energy, pretty good, but that’s just for energy….

  7. Matt Says:

    I don’t care if they take it seriously or not. I stated that ~20% of the information on Wikipedia is outdated or false. Wikipedia announced such in their own news site a month ago.

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