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Things Pokemon Can Teach You About Affiliate Marketing

This almost goes without saying, but today’s post is for my younger readers.

The last time I played Pokemon, I was 12. Ten years have gone by, and I’m shocked to find that a lot of my peers seem to be playing the most recent version on the Nintendo DS. Color me surprised. Anyway, after trying to pick up the new version and feeling completely lost, I managed to draw some parallels between the world’s most popular video game and AM.

There are always new methods

You may think you’re cool after mastering all 150 original affiliate marketing methods, but as soon as you’re not paying attention, they’ll spring 343 more on you.

The original methods are pretty much useless now

So, you think your psychic type…I mean free iPod site is pretty badass, huh? Well, too bad. Everybody else has them now, and you’re going to get outclassed by newer, bigger, more interesting incent sites.

The world is big, and it keeps getting bigger

Last time I checked, Pokemon had one continent. Now there’s four. Likewise, there are more and more advertising vehicles online every year. If you do nothing but Adwords marketing, you’re missing out.

It’s not just for one age group anymore

Everybody’s doing AM. Teenagers, old people, everybody. Likewise, you’ll see all age groups playing Pokemon (although us older folk really should stay away from kids events. It’s just creepy).

It costs a lot to get into

Did you know that a Nintendo DS and the newest Pokemon game costs around $180? Yeesh. I’m putting off buying those for as long as I can. Likewise, unless you’re incredibly lucky, AM will cost you a lot to get into, especially while you look for a niche and demographic.

You need to be social to be successful

You can do it alone, which is boring, or you can trade and compete with friends to make it more fun.

Brb, gotta go level my Charmeleon.

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2 Responses to “Things Pokemon Can Teach You About Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Some guy in Japan Says:

    I think my DS was the best purchase I’ve made here.

    I <3 it.

  2. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Very curious post. I was wondering where this was going. I quit after pokemon silver and gold versions. Basically when they came out with the new hand held for them. I really don’t even consider buying the DS to play the new games though as they seem more childish. Anyways it was a unique post comparing the two, very cool.

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