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Abusing Facebook

Something magical happened last night. The Facebook Advertising mods were either stoned, asleep, or the building was on fire. Whatever happened, they weren’t checking ads. It was kid-in-candy-store time.

It begins

Matt sent me a message over AIM informing me that he slipped an email submit under their radar. Sensing opportunity, I quickly created an ad that should have sent up about 100 red flags: A free iPhone zip submit targeted at high schoolers. Five minutes later, the ad was approved.


I tried a few other email/zip submits. They went through. Curious to see how far I could push this without getting retroactively banned, I decided to commit a Facebook advertising mortal sin: Ringtones, free, highschoolers. It went through.

At this point, I was seeing dollar signs.

It ends

After about half an hour of trying various restricted ads, my new ones started getting disapproved. Oh well, I still had half a dozen ones active. I went to bed, and when I woke up nine hours later they were still running. Score.

Why you should care

This isn’t the first time I’ve slipped ads under Facebook’s nose. If you’re a nightowl like I am, I would definitely recommend trying this at some point. Facebook loves to disapprove high paying offers like ringtones, dating, weight loss programs, etc. If you can slip those through, you’ll have a huge audience of morons just ready to fill your pockets.

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3 Responses to “Abusing Facebook”

  1. Rajaie Says:

    That puts some really good ideas into my head

  2. Leon Says:

    Sounds like you’re doing well with Facebook. Would say: “Can get rich” with Facebook PPC?

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