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The Worst Site on the ‘Net

I’m going to do it.

I’m going to create the slimeyest, most worthless network of sites the net has ever seen. Google will probably ban my adsense account. My web host will probably strangle me. I might even get sued.

Who cares, I’m curious.

I’m going to take one domain, one database, one thousand subdomains, and create the biggest mess of autoblogs ever. I’m also going to do it in a month.

(Don’t get me wrong. That one domain will probably be banned within one week. It’ll just be providing startup capital)

Yes, that’s right. By the end of May I plan on being the most morally bankrupt blogger in the world. Consider it an experiment. I plan on diving into the murky depths of theft and spamming.

I got the idea from Eli, who is a very smart person and would probably slap me soundly for crediting him with my inspiration. He has a handy little link in that article that contains a custom Wordpress setup made specifically for splogs. I’m going to take that nifty little tool and combine it with the ’strength in numbers’ theory to reach my goal of $100/day adsense earnings. I figure a thousand blogs at $0.10/day is doable.

I’ll be keeping track of my progress at the bottom of every post from now until I’m done. It’ll look something like this:

Worst site ever made: 0/1000

I’ll also be providing other status updates. Things like this:

  • Received 5th legal threat
  • Melted my server
  • Google banned me from the Internet

I freely admit that this is the worst idea I’ve ever had. It’s also one that I haven’t tried, and I don’t (personally) know anybody else who’s tried it, so I might as well go ahead and do it.

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13 Responses to “The Worst Site on the ‘Net”

  1. Rajaie Says:

    I like it, good luck!

  2. Matt Says:

    Your adsense account could be useful to you in the future. Putting such a risk of getting banned from Adsense just to make the money to go on a trip doesn’t seem worth it to me.

    However, since you have chosen to do this, good luck.

  3. Andreas from Xavier Media Says:

    Good luck, but I have to agree with Matt: You may get your Adsense account banned :(

    It’s going to be interesting to see if you can do it.


  4. Some guy in Japan Says:

    Good luck, you sad little man.

  5. Eli Says:

    Alright, this does sound like a very interesting idea, and if you do it right you’ll get a ton of attention (make sure you show off at WickedFire), but I think 10c per blog is just a little too high, I think you should aim at 5c/blog, because that to me seems a little more realistic :|

    I’m gonna watch this develop (as I’m already subscribed)


  6. C-Squared Says:

    Be sure to use seven proxies

  7. Rami Fayoumi Says:

    Man! That’s probably the weirdest “make money online” I have ever seen! I am really curious to see the outcome. Good luck ;)

  8. Tevin Says:

    Ok so, interesting idea! Everyone loves splogs!

    Here’s another splog idea I like more (it does take an investment for some software though. But it’s not THAT bad *esp if you buy it through your own off link*).


    It’s called blogger generator and squidoo to make BIG money (if you do it right). The good thing about this is, you won’t risk melting YOUR server (you’d use blogger blogs), you won’t risk YOUR adsense account (you point to squidoo aff pages).

    It’s something I’ve been tossing around in my head to try. Maybe you could jump on it, and let me know how you do.

  9. Entering the Proxy Game Again | The University Kid Says:

    [...] this idea from Geoff over at Can’t Get Rich - he’s documented his attempt to create the worst network of websites on the Internet. The basic premise was having thousands of pages, and wanting each page to generate [...]

  10. Rafaela from generalities Says:

    I think you will not succeed :) How could you install and write posts in one thousand blogs in a week? If possible it would be a miracle!

  11. Usman Says:

    Intresting Idea ;) I want to see the out come of this, good luck.

  12. O Says:

    I tested this autoblogging tool that Eli posted and some strange bugs occured (I tested it with 2.5 and 2.3).

    There is a text that it inserts in the beginning of all posts:

    John wrote an interesting post today on Domain hacking
    Here’s a quick excerpt:

    First of all the topic (example: Domain hacking) isn’t displayed.
    Secondly the author is displayed on some posts, on some it isn’t. The feed is from only one source, so it has to be the plugins bug (or maybe I should use an even older WP?).

    Did you have the same problem? If yes, how did you solve it?

  13. Geoff Says:

    Yeah, I have the same problem. I think it’s a bug with the autoblog plugin.

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