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Can’t Get Rich Podcast - Episode 1

icon for podpress  Can't Get Rich Podcast - Episode 1 [30:13m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (2061)

Here you go, my first podcast ever. Hoping to turn this into a weekly thing, but no promises yet.


Jason - The University Kid

Nick - Nickycakes

Worst site on the ‘net status update: 2/1000 (gotta start somewhere)

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10 Responses to “Can’t Get Rich Podcast - Episode 1”

  1. Jason Says:

    Bah, I sound like a bear. :razz:

    Sounds pretty decent, was interesting to hear more about Nick. One thing I’d suggest is upload the thing to Youtube (use filler images or get a killer logo developed for CGR :) ) as the podcast plugin didn’t work for me and 27 MB is a b!tch to download.

    Good luck with future ones :)

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    [...] check it out: Cant Get Rich Podcast - Episode 1  Published by [...]

  3. ImagesAndWords Says:

    Hey there,
    That was a great interview with Nickycakes. :) Makes me wanna do podcasts on my blog the next time I interview someone. It’s more personal and you capture a part of their wit, humour and personality by using audio. Keep it up! :)

  4. Rajaie Says:

    Great podcast! I really do like audio for interviews, I feel that it adds a kind of personal touch.

  5. Bernard Griffiths Says:

    Great interviews! Looking forward to seeing some more!

  6. Paul Says:

    lol my bad for not getting to the emails, it’s almost impossible sometimes - send me another one and I’ll look up the last one you sent me (was it about an interview or something like that? I think I might remember it).

    As far as the affiliate network thing goes, I make posts like that for 3 reasons :

    a) First and most importantly to thank the network for what they got me.

    b) In the same light of thanking, I do it to increase the reputation of their network, it’s good press to have a big blogger say how they love the network and show all the stuff they sent the person. So it makes the network look like good people (which I only will post if they are), and drives some referrals their way. And don’t start with the “omg Zac way to make referral money”, referrals don’t make shit trust me.

    c) People like seeing that kind of stuff. It gives them something to shoot for and shows them what’s possible.

  7. louie Says:

    Couple of points:

    …You could’ve ask your first interviewer more questions on offline marketing

    …I did hear a chemistry between you and the ‘cakes’ so i did enjoy listening to that portion.

    …You could cut the intro music shorter. . .

    Other than that, I can hear you getting better at this as you go along. I think you found YOUR niche.

  8. Matt Says:

    Geoff, you sound like sales people over the phone. Smooth voice.

    (compliment, not insult).

  9. alexa7 Says:

    The intro music stinks. It sounds like a dickroll starting. Great interview though. It’s good to hear the voice behind the rants. How about smax or diorex?

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