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Oops…Lazy Day

Ever sleep in til 2 PM and then play Starcraft for four hours (MY LIFE FOR AUIR)?

Yeah…oops. I have Wednesday’s off from work, and I typically take it easy, but not that easy. That’s not to say I completely wasted the day though.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Network with your peers. Send them the occasional email. Talk to them on AIM. You stand a chance to learn way more than you ever would have just reading their blog or forum messages. Two examples:

  1. Matt and I talk on AIM almost daily. We had lunch last week. Through these conversations, Matt has increased my knowledge about incentivized marketing 1000%, and also let me in on a few of his more ingenious ideas (ideas that I will not be sharing with you guys =P).
  2. Mr. Shady has spoken with me on AIM a few times, and recently revealed to me an approach to marketing that I hadn’t thought of. He told me that it’s a fairly easy market to get into, and that if I started now, I could easily make the $2,500 I need to take my trip overseas this August. I spent a few hours today doing research and setting up campaigns according to his advice, and if it comes through for me, I’ll definitely be bringing him about a thousand boxes of Pocky when I come back.

So yeah. Since I really didn’t do much today, I’d like to challenge you to do what I’ve done: Join online communities (Wickedfire, in my case), ask questions, be active, and keep asking questions. Eventually, you’ll get answers that work for you.

Oh yeah, and go do it now. No sense in waiting.

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One Response to “Oops…Lazy Day”

  1. C-Squared Says:

    “Wednesday’s off from work”


    Apostrophes are never used for plurals, except when your subject is a letter of the alphabet (P’s and Q’s).


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