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Bouncing Back with Offline Marketing

Man, I had a terrible day.

I sat down and tallied up last month’s PPC revenue vs costs, and the results weren’t pretty. I pretty much wiped out a lot of the success I had been enjoying, thanks to a couple of campaigns that went wrong. Pretty depressing stuff.

You know what though? It’s not all that bad. I decided to lay off on PPC for awhile and find other methods to try. Thanks to that decision, I came up with two methods that I’m going to be trying over the next week or two, and best of all they won’t cost me anything but my time.

The first method I won’t be sharing with you. Gotta keep some secrets.

The second method is publicly available. I found it here. It’s a pretty solid technique, and it’s one that I wish I’d thought of sooner. I’m pretty sure that only one person who reads my blog goes to the same University I do, so I’m going to go ahead and summarize what I’m going to be doing and how it can work for you.

If you’re too lazy to read the article I linked to, here are the basics:

  1. College students like free stuff.
  2. There are lots of college students.
  3. Print up a bunch of flyers with tear-off sections that advertise something with your URL on it.

That’s the quick and dirty. Basically, what I’m going to do is take an affiliate offer (this one, for example), find a good domain name and setup a redirect, print that domain name on 100 tear-off flyers (example), and put them up all over campus. Best part: I’m going to be printing the flyers on university printers, which makes it absolutely free for me.

I’ll pick a new offer every other week or so and see what works. If you live near a university, consider giving this method a try. If you don’t, you still might be able to try this method on community bulletin boards (coffee shops, for example), although I doubt your flyer will receive the same amount of exposure (my school has 36,000ish students).

Moral: If one method fails, try another one.

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