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This Week’s Podcast Preview

Here’s a quick peek at what I’ve got lined up for this week’s podcast.

First of all, I managed to get things figured out with Paul, so he’ll be appearing on this week’s show. I’ve got plenty of questions for him, as he’s had a rough week in terms of shock and outrage. You’ll see what I mean

For my second interview, I’ll be talking to Lord Brar. He’s pretty well-known on Wickedfire, and apparently he’s the go-to guy when it comes to domaining. I don’t really know anything about him or domaining, so it should be an informative interview.

Listener Questions

Just a quick heads up - If you guys leave a comment with a question for one of my guests, chances are I won’t receive it. I’ve been getting literally 200 spam comments per day for the past week, and Akismet is eating everything. I’m going through the filter a few times a day, but I still might miss something. If you really want your question to be asked, please use my contact form.

Next Week’s Episode

I’m not going to say much about it yet, as I still don’t have have all the details sorted out, but right now it looks like I’ll be talking to three of the big guys from Wickedfire: Jon (the owner), Eli (of BlueHatSEO), and one other guy (maybe? no confirmation yet).  It’s looking like I’ll be talking to all three simultaneously, so it should be interesting.

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  1. C-Squared Says:

    Hey Geoff,

    I was wondering if you could do a post relating branding/marketing to the presidential elections. I’m sure it would be pretty neat. :)

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