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I can't get rich online and neither can you. Topics include why you won't get rich with your blog, ideas you wish you had thought of, and other Internet phenomena.

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You want to get rich with your blog? Maybe you think Adsense will let you retire? Sorry, it's not going to happen.

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It’s been brought to my attention that some of you don’t want to be exposed to my wit and charm on a daily basis, and would rather only subscribe to my weekend podcasts. I understand. It’s just like staring into the sun: You can only take so much sarcasm before your eyes melt. So, for those of you who only want to subscribe to my podcast, I’ve added a link on my Podcast Page (see that graphic I added to my sidebar?  The one that I can’t get to look good no matter where I put it? It leads there too). The link at the very top of the page will lead you to my podcast-only feed.

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