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Can’t Get Rich Podcast - Episode 3

icon for podpress  Can't Get Rich Podcast - Episode 3 [41:32m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1967)

Yet another episode of the Can’t Get Rich Podcast. Hope you guys like it.

Small note: This episode is long, and thus the file size was huge. I cut down the audio quality a bit to compensate, but it shouldn’t really be noticeable.

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Lord Brar

Paul of Uberaffiliate.com

Links used:

Lord Brar’s How-To Guide

How to choose a webhost

Uberaffiliate Marketing Guide

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9 Responses to “Can’t Get Rich Podcast - Episode 3”

  1. Me On Can’t Get Rich Podcast Says:

    [...] I did an interview today for the Can’t Get Rich Podcast. You can check it out here. [...]

  2. Neil Says:

    Great interview mate! Thanks a lot for these podcasts. keep em coming

  3. Me On Can’t Get Rich Podcast | Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Networks Says:

    [...] I did an interview today for the Can’t Get Rich Podcast. You can check it out here. [...]

  4. Jason Says:

    Awesome post man. I just found your site and you have a great radio voice. Thanks for doing an interview with Paul because I’m a big fan of his blog.

  5. Murali Says:

    Great Podcast Geoff! Would love to see one with Amit Mehta Of Superaffiliatemindset

  6. louie Says:

    first off, i think john chow would kick shoemoneys ass just because I think he’s evil, Second, the podcasts rocks! Great work. Lord Brar really cleared up the domaining game for me too.

  7. Elijah Says:

    Great show, Geoff. Lord Brar’s interview was top notch.

  8. Rory Says:

    Much improved Podcast..
    Loved Lord Brar interview, keep in touch with him..
    Keep it Up.

  9. Cracks Says:

    Those were very interesting interviews, and Lord Brar was def. insightful. What happened to Jon from Wickedfire?

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