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I can't get rich online and neither can you. Topics include why you won't get rich with your blog, ideas you wish you had thought of, and other Internet phenomena.

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You want to get rich with your blog? Maybe you think Adsense will let you retire? Sorry, it's not going to happen.

Let Your Users Do the Work for You

When it comes to creating content sites, I’m really not your go-to guy. I don’t really like writing informative articles, and I’m not a huge fan of researching unknown topics for niche sites. That’s why I’d rather let my users create all the content for me and monetize the results. For example,

Rated image sites

I create a Hot or Not clone, add a few images, do a little free advertising on related message boards, and it basically automates itself. Just pick a niche (betta pictures for example), add a little adsense code, get a few dozen users, and you’re golden. After you have a ‘community’ established (complete with daily new images, active message boards, etc), replace the adsense with some targeted affiliate offers. After you get enough people on board, these sites run themselves.


This one’s pretty self explanatory. Find a niche that doesn’t have its own wiki, create your own on *niche*wiki.com, and again advertise on related message boards. The know-it-alls will flock to your site (especially if they can credit themselves for their own work), and soon you’ll have a nice little reference guide. Do enough link building and you’ll probably start ranking well due to the sheer amounts of content. Adsense, etc, money.


I keep saying that forums are the best place to get your initial membership surge. Well, why not help yourself out and create you own? Then again, you’d better have a good niche, because forums have been around forever and all of the good niches are long-gone (or have been eaten up by larger forums with dedicated sub-forums). Personally, I only create forums when I already have a decent-sized user community on some other kind of site.

Let them do all the work

Build the initial framework, do some basic recruiting and linkbuilding, and let the whole thing run itself once it’s ready. Your users get a smug sense of self-importance, and you get money. Everybody wins.

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