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ReviewU Now: Mixed Market Arts

Mixed Market Arts

In case you’re wondering, no, the hat never comes off. I like my hat.

Whew. I haven’t done a ReviewU in awhile, have I? Oh well, time to put on my reviewer gloves. The target of today’s review is Mixed Market Arts, which is owned by Collin LaHay. If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, you might recall him making blogosphere news a few months ago after selling RSSHugger and WordHugger for roughtly eleventy billion dollars.

Anyway, this isn’t about those two services, so let’s talk about Mixed Market Arts. While this blog claims to be a source of mixed marketing techniques, I’m seeing only two predominate themes: Link building and where to get traffic. More on that later.

Let’s take a look at the basics

The first thing I always do when researching a site is click on the ‘About’ page. According to that page, Collin is 18 years old, which seems to be the average age for Internet entrepreneurs these days. It also has a picture of Collin that looks like it came straight out of his yearbook (I’m guessing senior picture. Let me know if I’m right). Man, I had such a great senior picture. My hair was all spiked and everything. Good times. Anyway, Collin, I’d change that to something less formal. Right now it looks like you’re trying too hard. Then again, if you’re really trying embody the whole ‘young professional’ look, go ahead and keep it.

Anyway, Collin is a guy who builds webpages and is an expert in SEO, marketing, and traffic building. He makes thousands of dollars per month online. By comparison, when I was his age I worked as a cashier at Meijer. Good job Collin.

The site itself

Great design, good ad placement, appropriate logo. He even updates fairly frequently, and I’m not seeing any broken links/graphics/buttons. I can’t find anything wrong with this one.

The content

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about link building is on this site. Be sure to check out his link building cookbook. Lots of good and unique ideas there, including one I’ve written about before (CBox spamming for fun and profit). Aside from his cookbook, there are plenty of other posts about how to create, find, or just basically get lots backlinks for your site(s). Other topics include how to take advantage of social bookmarking sites to drive traffic, the occasional post about affiliate marketing, and my personal favorite, how to get your pagerank back.

…Actually I’m already at PR0 so I can’t really sink much lower. In any case, if for some reason I want my old PR2 rating back someday, I’ll be sure to follow Collin’s instructions.


This site is a great resource for how to build your backlinks/increase your traffic/get a good PR. Collin seems to know exactly what he’s talking about, so I’d definitely recommend it to newbies and pros alike.

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3 Responses to “ReviewU Now: Mixed Market Arts”

  1. Regan Johnson Says:

    Great review, I agree with what you are saying. Collin is definitely a formidable opponent in the game of SEO, back linking and marketing. Keep up the great work.

  2. Shaun Judy Says:

    Great review. I love to visit Collins Blog I go there at least once a day a read it over and over.

    Keep up the reviewU Now

  3. adda4u Says:

    Wow ..

    Really nice

    wish you good luck

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