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This Week’s Podcast Preview

Here’s a little analogy for you guys.

My blog is a match. My podcast is a gallon of high-octane racing fuel. When you combine match and fuel, the result has been my traffic for the past few days. I’m going to go ahead and keep making podcasts.

Anyway, this week I’ll most likely be interviewing Eli, Smaxor, and Jon. Instead of interviewing them all individually, I’ll be talking to all three of them at the same time. If you’d like to suggest a question or topic, leave a comment here or reply to the thread on Wickedfire.

My podcast has been downloaded nearly 1,500 times. I’d like to thank all of you listeners for providing me with big numbers to look at.

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2 Responses to “This Week’s Podcast Preview”

  1. Rick Says:

    I’m interested in learning more tricks in the facebook ads area.

  2. JustChris Says:

    It’s been a while since visiting your site so I haven’t dl’ed a podcast yet. But I’ll get on it today.

    Btw, If I’m not mistaken you’re trying to say that your podcast is making your blog go BOOM. So I think the podcast being the match and not the fuel makes a better analogy. ;)

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