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You Can’t Get Rich if a Zombie Eats Your Brain During a Class 2 Outbreak Scenario

I love zombie culture.

Books, movies, video games, everything. I’ve read the Zombie Survival Guide cover to cover, I’ve watched countless zombie flicks, and I’ve played through Resident Evil 4 somewhere around a dozen times. I have an emergency escape route planned in case of zombpocalypse. We have a very strict ‘no fake zombie’ rule in my apartment, the punishment for which is severe bludgeoning, usually to the skull. In short, zombies are cool.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I found an interesting thread on Wickedfire yesterday. It looks like one of the forum’s members made a low-budget zombie film, and is looking for ways to promote it. He’s even looking into starting an affiliate program. The thread itself is a fountain of useful ideas, but there’s one thing in particular you should look at.

Specifically, the movie’s trailer. For future reference, if you have one of your movie’s characters shove a chainsaw through a zombie’s face, you get an instant plug on my blog.

Anyway, I thought the whole thread was pretty interesting, mainly because it puts modern advertising into perspective: You don’t really need a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to spread awareness. Forget expensive TV/radio advertising, all you need is a few flyers handed to the right people and a handful of blogs. If you happen to get lucky, you can rely on viral advertising to get the word out.

For example: I read Wickedfire. I like zombies. My roommate, who reads this blog, also likes zombies. He may write about the movie on his blog. A lot of his friends like zombies. They write about it. The dominoes continue to fall until the producers are buried in order requests.

Back to the thread. As usual, HarveyJ is a veritable goldmine of useful information. He suggested something that I never would have thought of, but can definitely see catching on: Leak your own movie. Take a low quality version, leak it onto the P2P networks, and let it spread itself. Pretty soon, you’ll have people searching for information about the movie, writing about it, and even buying it (low quality versions suck).

The most important piece of advice in the thread, however, is one that I hope most of you have figured out by now: Don’t be afraid to simply ask for help. It was suggested that the producer simply ask zombie bloggers to give him a plug. It’s a good idea, and it can work for any number of situations (including podcasts). Aside from getting a little free advertising, you also get the added bonus of establishing contacts within whatever niche you’re looking to break into. I just can’t stress this enough: Always go out of your way to network with people in your niche.

Also, always keep a sword or spear in your house (in case of zombies). Blades don’t need reloading.

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  1. Ryan Says:

    I too, love zombies. Is there a place where I might see said video without signing up for Wickedfire?

    I probably would promote it…

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