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You Can’t Get Rich With UberCamp

Paul, of Uberaffiliate.com, announced a new service yesterday: UberCamp. What is UberCamp? It’s an invite-only forum where you can interact with affiliate marketing experts…for a price. Nickycakes was quick to point out everything wrong with the idea, and I’m going to have to side with Nick on this one: UberCamp just sounds like a bad idea.

Buy why Geoff, why?

Put simply, Paul’s fledgling forum is Wickedfire with a monthly fee. For $99, $199, or $5,000 a month, you get all of the following:

1. Interact with experts

Paul listed three experts that will be present on the forum (himself and two others). While it’s nice to be able to get answers from people who know what they’re doing, you have to wonder how much time they’re going to be devoting to the project. If the forum has 100 members, and each one asks only one question every day (which is unlikely, considering this forum will mainly appeal to newbies), can you really expect three people to spit out 100 well-written, informative responses?

On the other hand, Wickedfire has plenty of experts, most of whom will answer your questions and even help you out on AIM or over email, provided you ask good questions.

2. Case studies

Paul promises regular case studies, where the experts walk you through different techniques and teach you how to work in the industry.

That’s great and all, but I got into Wickedfire’s last case study just by asking nicely. I learned a ton of useful information, met plenty of intelligent people with great ideas, and I didn’t have to pay a dime.

3. 1-on-1 time with Paul

For $5,000 a month, you can work with the master. You get a direct line to Paul, and he’ll teach you all he knows, critique your ideas, etc.

$5,000 a month. $60,000 a year. That’s one hefty consultant’s fee. Paul had better be sitting on some amazing secrets to ask that much. It really makes me wonder though: How much time can he devote to private mentoring? I mean, he’s got all of the other forum members to feed information to, and then he’s got his own campaigns to run. There’s only so many hours in the day, so I’m wondering how he’ll manage to fit it all in.

I guess I should also mention that there are four experts on my AIM contact list that I can hit up with questions any time I want. They’re just as knowledgeable as Paul, and I’m not paying them anything. I guess if you don’t want to take the time to establish a good network of contacts, and just want to go straight to the info, then maybe Paul’s $5k/month deal is right for you.

4. Paul shares his campaigns

He must have a lot of good campaigns if he’s promising to share his keyword lists, landing pages, etc. I expect something like this will happen:

  1. Paul fully discloses a campaign.
  2. 2% of his readers learn the underlying principles and techniques.
  3. 98% of his readers copy it outright.
  4. Market floods, driving up advertising costs.
  5. Readers blow their budgets for little return on investment.
  6. Everybody marvels at how Paul managed to get such a good CPC beforehand.
  7. Paul’s reputation among his fans increases.

Works out pretty well for Paul.

I’m being harsh

I know, I know. Some of the ideas behind UberCamp do have some merit: For starters, by charging a monthly fee, he’s limiting the number of people who can see his secret info, resulting in less market saturation. That’s a good idea in theory, but I have a feeling that a lot of those secrets are either (A) available someplace else or (B) going to end up on a member’s blog (it’s not like I don’t pull ideas from Wickefire all the time). I guess being invite-only is a decent idea, as it keeps out the morons, but I can’t see him getting many members that way:

“Hey dude, come join this forum. I’ll vouch for you, and it’s only $200 a month!”

“How about YOU join and pay, and then you teach me the secrets you learned.”

“Good idea, I hadn’t though about it that way.”

All in all, UberCamp just sounds like Wickedfire with fewer idiots and a monthly fee. I know you have to spend money to make money, but in this day and age, most information can be found for free. Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near UberCamp.

As always, I will always be the first to admit when I’m wrong.  If any of you guys choose to use Paul’s new service, and it works out well for you, let me know (not holding my breath).

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10 Responses to “You Can’t Get Rich With UberCamp”

  1. Alex Baldwin Says:

    What would Wickedfire be without the n00b flaming though, thats some of the best part!

  2. anty Says:

    I thought the same thing when I read the announcement. There is no reason to combine invite-only registration with a monthly fee, other than making the owner money.

  3. Ryan Says:


    You *really* need to boost your Saturday stats

  4. Pogung177 Says:

    still wonder what Paul will do with $200/month, does he will make us rich in next 2-3 month by showing his PPC/Affiliate campaign secret technique, I don’t thinks so.

  5. alexa7 Says:

    It defies common sense. If someone is busy being successful at what they do there will be little time for marketing the secrets. Marketing the secrets is usually a sign that success has faded.

  6. Jack Rack Says:

    It makes perfect sense. You have a magic key to make $1 million dollars a month, and out of nobility, you decide to share that magic key with only a small group of people. Sharing it with a small group won’t cause you to lose money, and everyone will go home happy. Paul is sort of like an affiliate Jesus, and we all know Jesus had his detractors. The scenario makes PERFECT sense when you really think about it. Have we all become so cynical that we can’t accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, a man walks the Earth with the ability to put millions in your pocket through a slow, therapeutic brainwashing consulting session.

    The L. Ron Hubbard of affiliate marketing has finally arrived to save you.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    L. Ron Hubbard? In MY affiliate industry?

  8. Jack Rack Says:

    Hahaa. Yea, I’m afraid so.

  9. Joe Says:

    this post title reminded me of…

    You Can’t Make Friends With Salad..

  10. Joe Says:

    p.s. on a serious note, why do you guys reckon Quadzilla’s forum succeeds.

    I think it’s because he’s aiming at Blackhat techniques, which are basically too hard for the average Joe looking for ‘make money online’.


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