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Stupid Life, Always Getting in the Way

Little podcast update:  It may or may not happen this weekend.  If it does, great.  If not, I’ll put it up as soon as I finish it.

This week’s fumbling is the result of my life becoming a good deal more chaotic.  My work schedule has changed, and I’ve been fighting with my university all week.  It seems that they’re switching to a new computer system, and in the process, losing all of my registration data.  Repeatedly.  I ended up having to go in and do it the old fashioned way (paper and pen is so last century), so at least that’s settled.

Then, my roommate had to go and have a birthday bar crawl.  That was an interesting night (power went out a few times due to thunderstorms).

I know, I’m just making excuses.  The truth is, I’m terrible at managing my schedule.  I’ll get on top of things and do my best to get the podcast out on Saturday.  In any case, I’ll be interviewing another guy from Wickedfire, one who has a habit of churning out interesting marketing tips.  Should be a good interview, I’ll try not to disappoint.

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  1. Rajaie AlKorani Says:

    That makes two of us ;-)

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