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Advaliant is Having a Contest

What’s this? An update on Sunday?

I haven’t been doing much in the way of affiliate marketing lately, but I recently found out that my favorite AM company, Advaliant, is having a contest. Even better, it looks like the contest is centered around an offer that I have promoted in the past:

I was getting $22-$23 per lead back then, but they’ve upped it to $26 for the contest.

It looks like whoever generates the most leads wins. Here’s a description of the prizes:

Ultra Green Tea Contest - $8,000+ in Cash Prizes
.:. Contest runs from June 1 – June 30 2008
.:. First prize is $2500
.:. Second prize is $1500
.:. Third prize is $1000
.:. Fourth prize is $750
.:. Fifth prize is $500
.:. Sixth prize is $300
.:. Seventh prize is $150
.:. Eighth prize through Twenty-Second will be $100 in bonus commissions! (JUST ADDED JUNE 6 2008)
.:. Ask affiliate manager for more details and terms and conditions

Don’t get all excited. The green tea niche is saturated, so if you want to win, you’ll need a strategy. Since the contest only runs until the end of the month, getting your leads from organic SEO is pretty much out of the question. I’d recommend using PPC advertising to target a specific quality of the product. For example:

  • Lose weight - Advertise it as a diet drink.
  • Energy drink - Advertise it as a fitness/workout drink.
  • Health benefits - Green tea is healthy, so try to get that message across.

In other words, find a sub-niche. Get a good list of keywords, a decent domain name, and go for it. Right now I’m using Adwords to promote it, but I’ve had mixed success with Facebook’s advertising platform in the past. Since I won’t be using Facebook for this contest, I’ll give you a couple of demographic hints. When I was promoting this campaign on Facebook, I had the most success with:

  • Women
  • Ages 35+
  • Who are married

That being said, I only did a little better than breaking even with that campaign, so I’d recommend having a good landing page to go along with those hints.

If you haven’t already, sign up with Advaliant to get started.

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2 Responses to “Advaliant is Having a Contest”

  1. Jason Says:

    Btw the above ^ is a spammer. (search Google for him)

    As for Advaliant, I’ll check them out - have a project I need a good affiliate program for. We’ll see… :)

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