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Adwords Nuances

As I’ve mentioned a few dozen times, I’m actively promoting Advaliant’s green tea offer (in hopes of winning their contest).  Right now I’m using Adwords for everything.  Over the past couple of days, I’ve noticed a few interesting things about Adwords, and I guess I’ll share them with you.

1.) Oops, I’ve got a great Quality Score

I’m bidding fairly high on my keywords, just so I can get them to rank on the first page of search results.  Yesterday, I noticed that my QS went from ‘Ok’ to ‘Great’ for a couple of my top keywords, and my ad went from ranks 6-8 to ranks 1-3.   I’m guessing this happened because my CTR is huge.  Anyway, my conversion percentage went in the toilet.  Why?

2.) People are idiots and Google encourages them

You’ve probably noticed that, sometimes, Google puts the first three sponsored ads directly over the search results.  While this is great for increasing your CTR, it will also increase the number of junk clicks you’re getting.  People expect to see ads in the sidebar, not the search results list. If your landing page is obviously a sales pitch, and they’re looking for information about something (for example, green tea), they’re going to click your ad, be disappointed, and leave.  As such…

3.) Ranks 1-3 suck.  Aim for #4.

It’s not all bad.  Thanks to my great QS, I’ve been able to reduce my max CPC.  Thus, I’m saving money, and (in theory) I’m reducing junk clicks.

I remember reading somewhere that reducing your max CPC too quickly will result in Google doing bad things to your ad rankings.  I’m taking it slow with my campaign, so hopefully it won’t get swept off the front page.

Anyway, that’s just something to keep in mind when you’re running a new Adwords campaign.  Hope someone else can benefit from it.

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