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Project Wonderful Results

This post is a followup to this post.

Well, the numbers are in, and I can’t say I’m surprised:

Impressions: 3,106 (2,003 unique).

Clicks: 40 (36 unique).

Leads: 0 (0…yeah).

That’s right, I made $0 with my little 125×125 free iPod add. It wasn’t a total waste though. I did find that:

  1. You can get thousands of free impressions and dozens of free clicks with project wonderful.
  2. 125×125 ads aren’t very descriptive or eye-catching.
  3. People may not be as stupid as I thought (doubtful though).

Next on my experiment list: Paying for ad space. I’m going to pick a site that accepts skyscraper banners, gets over 100,000 hits per day, and costs in the $5-$10 per day range. That, combined with a site-appropriate ad, should produce some results. We’ll see.

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5 Responses to “Project Wonderful Results”

  1. anty Says:

    Thanks for sharing the results, not really surprising, though :(

  2. Greg from Make Money Online Says:

    I think you are on the right track to make money. Your CTR rate was good maybee the landing page needs some changes. Keep us posted.

  3. Germz Says:

    Hahaha Good luck in the future.
    I won’t even try project wonderful it seems just like entrecard except you can pay for ads.
    If I want an ad I’ll take out the middle man and deal straight with the owner, it works better this way.

  4. Ria Says:

    In defense of Project Wonderful, I love it! While it’s true I advertise on smaller blogs with less traffic, I’m not trying to make money, at least not yet. I understand that it takes a crap load of traffic to make money, but I’m just trying to get people in my niche to see my blog, so smaller blogs with less traffic works just fine for right now ’cause I know I can afford it!

  5. FacebookMoneyMaker Says:

    Thanks for the tip on Project Wonderful. I read this post a week ago and I have since given PW a try and I absolutely love it compared to other advertising platforms. I have gotten some very good clicks and some sales too. Thanks man.

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