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I Gave 3 Bucks to Brendan

Some guy got accepted to some university that costs $90,000 a year, and he’s counting on the generosity of the Internet to pay for it. Great planning there chief. Fortunately for him, John Chow decided to blog about it, and his readership alone could almost make it work.

My Paypal balance is Monopoly money to me, so I went ahead and sent $3 CAD (that’s $3.03 US) his way. I wish him the best of luck with his little venture.

Maybe I should try this. I wonder if


is taken.

Edit: Wow, I got a personal thank-you email.  Very classy.

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5 Responses to “I Gave 3 Bucks to Brendan”

  1. Blog For Money Says:

    I’d give you $3 to send you to Japan. Plus you only need 1000 people. Maybe you should sell your podcasts for $3.

  2. Rajaie AlKorani Says:

    I really like the idea, but unless he works really hard, then I don’t think he will reach his goal.

    Anyway, good luck Bredan!

  3. Greg from Make Money Online Says:

    That a way to give. That looks like my google check as of late. Given enough time I guess Google will make me rich. It might take 500 years but I can do it.

  4. Brenndan Says:

    Thanks for the 3 bucks Geoff!

    So long as I can procrastinate on my dissertation and not fail my current course, I’ll keep answering emails…

    And to set the record straight - before this idea (and maybe if it doesn’t work!) I was crap at making money on the internet too. In fact, it kept taking it.

    Oh yeah, the real reason to reply: I’ll be linking back to your blog on the site.

    Brendan ’stupid ideas since 1992..err probably 1986′ Baker

  5. Ranked Hard Says:

    “Maybe I should try this. I wonder if


    is taken.”

    It is now. Just kidding…that would be sad.

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