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What to do When Your Employer Finds Your Blog

If you watch my Twitter feed, you may remember seeing a note about my boss finding this blog about a month ago.  Go ahead, laugh.  It could happen to you too.  Fortunately, I’m feeling generous, so I’ve compiled a handy guide on what to do if your employer finds your blog.

Phase 1 - Freak out

Here’s what I heard coming out of my boss’s office on that fateful day: “Mmblmlmbmlm can’t get rich blah blah Geoff blah blah how’d he find out about this?”  I’d written something about my company being acquired by The Planet, and in a flash of brilliance, linked to their website.  From what I understand, my article was scraped and blasted out in the company newsletter.  Oops.

My bosses were confused, because we don’t have any Geoffs working here.  Unfortunately for me, that defense would be flimsy at best, since I’m a smart guy who puts pictures of himself on the Internet.  As soon as they clicked on the ‘About the Author’ link, I’d be screwed.

Phase 2 - Think fast

I did a quick damage assessment:  Had I ever talked about company secrets or said anything offensive about my coworkers/bosses/company logo?  Thankfully, I’m not an idiot.  I rarely talk about work at all on this site, and all you guys know is that I’m involved in some sort of technical support or something.  I always laugh at the people who rant about their bosses on their blogs, only to get caught at some point a few weeks later.  It’s important to remember that the Internet is public, and everything you say on your blog can be seen by anyone as long as it’s online (and probably after that too.  Thanks Google cache).

Phase 3 - Walk of shame

Phase two lasted around 3 seconds, so my bosses hadn’t found my about page yet.  I decided to minimize the damage and admit that the site was mine (”Did I hear someone talking about my blog?”).  In situations like these, if you know you’re going to be identified, just come out and admit it (otherwise, you’ll look like you have something to hide).

If you do have something to hide, well, you’re screwed.  I guess you could quickly edit your wp-config.php file to point at the wrong database, thus taking your site offline and buying you some time.  That said, cover your tracks better next time.

Phase 4 - Forget about it

Pretend it never happened and hope that you haven’t acquired a couple of new readers.

Phase 5 - Reap the benefits

“So, you know a few things about Adwords and blogging?  Lets talk in my office.”

Phase 5 may or may not happen.  Suffice it to say, I was surprised.  Nothing’s come of it yet, but we’ll see.

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3 Responses to “What to do When Your Employer Finds Your Blog”

  1. Rajaie AlKorani Says:

    Hehehe, that must have been a very stressful moment for you.

  2. affiliate programs Says:

    he’d be stupid not to use the knowledge you have learned already by interviewing some of the top affiliates around. also, most companies are clueless when it comes to adwords so you’d definitely be able to help your company in that regard. If I were your boss I’d be looking to exploit your talents and make myself look good in front of the other bosses. -Mike

  3. Jared Stenzel Says:

    I’m actually hoping that people Google my name and find out I’m a successful blogger. Would look pretty good to anybody thinking of hiring me or accepting me for school.

    It would be rather odd though if you’d said something bad about your work. Let us know how this plays out in the long run.

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