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.me - Anybody Get Lucky?

Some of you may have noticed that there’s a new tld open for new registrations - .me.  You can use godaddy to register, but it requires you to register them for 2 years at a cost of $40.  Anyway, it looks like all of the good domains are already taken:

  • call.me
  • date.me
  • kiss.me
  • find.me
  • $#%*.me

All gone. I should have gotten up earlier.

Actually, truth be told, I just found out about it an hour or so ago.  I’m not exactly on top of new ICANN developments. I think I’ll stick with good old .com’s for now, but good luck to anybody who wants to get ahold of a good name.

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7 Responses to “.me - Anybody Get Lucky?”

  1. Ranked Hard Says:

    By forcing you to buy these for $40 for 2 years, ICANN may have given the .me tld actual value in Google. Google likes non-cheap domains (and also ones that aren’t going to expire soon). This will be interesting to watch.

  2. Rajaie AlKorani Says:

    Don’t know if you read this, but it related to this:


    In my opinion, these are the beginning steps of the Internet’s destruction.

  3. Jared Stenzel Says:

    makemoneyfor.me huh huh? That would be pretty intense. Well, in your case, cantmakemoneyfor.me.

  4. Andreas from Xavier Media Says:

    DontListenTo.me :D

    I never applied for any .me domain name so I didn’t get any (surprise, surprise :D ).


  5. Antone Roundy Says:

    I looked up a bunch yesterday, and not only was every word I looked for taken, but most partial words were too. For example, not just extre.me, but xtre.me (you could create e.xtre.me if you had that), tre.me… About the only thing available was some nonsense letters I typed just to see whether the system was really working.

    I wonder how many of these names have been taken by “domain tasters” who’ll be releasing them in a few days/

  6. Alex Says:

    I snagged some great poker domains… good times. sorry about yo luck geoff.

  7. mike Says:

    i was going to get monochro.me and i saw it available.. then later in the day it was taken. geez. enfra.me might still be available.. but i don’t have 40$

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