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Designing an Application

Remember the other day when I said I wanted to write a social networking site in PHP? I think I need to start with something a bit easier, so right now I’m coding a fairly simple app that I’m calling Pagerank At-a-Glance. It’s ridiculously simple, and it won’t make you any money, but it’ll give me some practice with PHP syntax and I plan on releasing it for free when I’m done.

Basically, it’s going to be a program that displays a list of all of your domains with accompanying page rank. It’ll work like this:

  • First, you define your database settings, much like you do with Wordpress.
  • Then, you run the installation file which creates the database structure and assigns a username and password.
  • You log in (can’t have other people seeing all of you domains, right?). There are two options: One takes you to the admin screen, and one takes you straight to the list.
  • The admin screen allows you to add and remove sites from the database, and also contains a link to the list.
  • The list displays all of your sites with PR badges similar to those found on sites like this.  I’m really not sure how it is that sites and toolbars pull PR scores from Google, but once I figure that out I’ll see if I can add a function to sort highest to lowest.

Why create such a useless app?  Well, like I said, I’ve never written anything in PHP before (other than a page that pulls data from a database and displays it in a table), and I need practice.  Also, I figured that there’s someone out there with a bunch of sites that would like to see all of their PRs on one page.

Now that I’m done with finals, and I’m almost finished moving into my new apartment, I’ll have plenty of time to work on this.  I hope to have it out by the end of next week.

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  1. linuxhat Says:

    hey, good luck with that. You will soon find that the task of pulling the page rank is not very clear cut. I wound up scraping from some site and tried to keep it from being too abusive, hehe. you can checkout seobook.com one of the tools there provides methods for pulling page rank. look for mryiad search

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