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An Open Letter to Facebook Interns

Dear Facebook Advertising Staff,

Hi! My name’s Geoff, and I’ve been struggling with affiliate marketing for months. I’ve tried countless offers and traffic-driving techniques, but nothing seemed to work. That all changed earlier last week when I finally found a method of driving traffic with your advertising platform, and I’m finally making around $50 profit per day.

$50 per day has been a goal of mine for a long time, but a wise man once told me that I need to “find what works and then scale the hell out of it.” Well, I’m really trying to scale it all to hell, but there’s just one little problem.


Yes, you, Facebook advertising intern. You see, I’ve gotten a lot of identical ads approved- Somewhere over 100. They’re all the same (different demographics though), and they’re really working well for me. The problem is, you guys keep rejecting them for a myriad of different reasons, even though I’ve had them approved previously. I’ve even had 5 identical ads in a group, and then had four of them approved and one rejected. It boggles the mind.

In any case, waiting two or three hours and resubmitting the exact same ads usually results in them being approved.

Now, do you think we could maybe come to an understanding here? Perhaps, I don’t know, cut out that middle step? It means more money for both me and you (well, your employer), and that just makes everybody happy, right?


Annoyed Marketer

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5 Responses to “An Open Letter to Facebook Interns”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I still find it difficult to believe that Facebook traffic is any more valuable than Digg traffic.

    Frankly I would expect them both to convert like crap.

  2. Justin Dupre Says:

    Meh. Don’t be a baby.

    Most likely isn’t just one Intern that is reviewing your ads. Atleast you are able to get some through, so I wouldn’t complain. And why do you need 100 of the same ads targeting different ages? thats silly. A 31 and a 34 year old aren’t that different.

  3. Geoff Says:


    I’m targeting different ages because it breaks up the pool of people into smaller groups. Smaller groups tend to have higher CTR% than larger groups, and higher CTR% = lower CPC.

  4. Amin Says:

    Geoff, you don’t need to make 100 ads for the same offer. Definitely create multiple ads to see which image/text and age demographic works best, but don’t waste so much time making so many different variants. Let me give you an example, I’m paying 10 cents a click for an ad which targets everyone over 18 in Canada. It has a CTR of around 15%, and it took me about 5 ads to get there. Once I did that, I then duplicated the ad to target several other countries.

    P.S. If something doesn’t work, try a different theme for the ad.

  5. Amin Says:

    *I mean’t 0.15% for the CTR, not 15%!

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