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ReviewU: Quiznos.com (Seriously)

Here’s one of the stranger things I’ve been asked to review: Quiznos.com. I’m supposed to look at it from a design perspective, and also from the perspective of someone hoping to open a franchise.

Well, what can I say? The video box in the middle of the main page seems to be ok, but I’m not a fan of the three little pop-out video boxes below it. If I was designing the page, I’d want to make those static. Other than that, the site itself is very functional. It’s easy to find information, the nav bar is in a good place, and the color scheme works well. It’s almost like some multi-million dollar business had paid a high-end web designer to create the site or something.

From the franchise owner perspective, the layout is much more formal and subdued, dare I say “professional”? Well, that makes sense: It’s supposed to be a resource for people with lots of money who want to start a new restaurant. I guess that’s why there’s about seven miles of text over the whole site.  You might not want to read that though, so go ahead and stare at all the pictures of yummy sandwiches and soup.

Honestly, I really don’t know what to say about these sites.  They’re both extremely well designed.  They flow well, the color scheme is perfect, and it’s easy to find information.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, actually I lie.  I would change one little thing:  The site is nowhere near politically correct enough.  I mean, sure, you’ve got pictures of men and women of every color, but I’m not seeing anybody in wheelchairs.  That’s a great way to get sued.

(I kid, I kid.  The site’s fine)

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3 Responses to “ReviewU: Quiznos.com (Seriously)”

  1. anty Says:

    When I open quiznos.com, I don’t know what the site actually offers. I see a sandwich after some seconds, but what then?
    After looking at the bottom and the top, I looked at the right. The “sidebar” looks like an ad to me, so I automatically ignored it. After reading it, I now know it’s a delivery service, not a sandwich shop.
    Also, where does this service deliver? In my hometown? I don’t think so… I’m not in the US.
    I would use Geo-targeting and if someone comes to my page who’s in my area, I’d display something like: “Now delivering in NY, too!”. Else I would display something like “Delivering everywhere in US!”

    Conclusion: Put the information, that you are the delivery business somewhere above the animation and change the sidebar so it doesn’t look like an ad. (I’d make it wider.)

    BTW: the animation in the sidebar would be enough to catch attention, but due to the big animation on the left you ignore it very fast.

  2. elime Says:

    Well I can honestly say I never expected this to come up in my RSS reader. Quiznos. Interesting.

    And mildly nostalgic for me (or is that nauseating?), I worked at a Quiznos about four or so years ago. Here’s a quick story:

    You know those tubes / containers that they keep all the condiments in? You’ll see them using them to squirt all the different stuff on the sandwiches. Anyways, at the end of the day, those all get washed along with the rest of the crap. Since the bottles are relatively long, you have to use a brush or something to clean them out on the bottom.

    Long story short, I found out that a couple of the girls I worked with saw nothing wrong with cleaning the containers out with the same brush we used for the toilets.


    They weren’t even being malicious or anything, they were just too goddamn retarded to consider the fact that perhaps it was a bad idea.

    Other than that though, Quiznos makes a hell of a sandwich.

  3. Adam Says:

    First off to elime: yuck. Whenever you have young, inexperienced people as your main employees (i.e. practically any fast food establishment) you’re going to have at least a few of them doing really stupid stuff.

    Concerning the main site, I have a few bones to pick with it.
    I agree with Anty on all counts. I completely ignored the sidebar due to it looking like a banner ad.

    The site mentions absolutely nothing about what it offers until the Flash animation finishes loading, which takes some time. Furthermore, due to its reliance on Flash the site does not degrade gracefully.

    I also greatly despise pages that make noise, unless it’s explicitly a part of the reason you go to that page, as in YouTube.

    From a navigation standpoint, what’s up with the random dropdown boxes from the central Flash animation? They’re there then they disappear. If you want me to click on something, at least leave the damn links open. To make it worse, after a few seconds, they reappear in a completely different order. Seriously now, wtf.

    And that’s what I noticed within the first few seconds of looking at the home page. I’ve yet to go any further into the site.

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