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You Know What’s Awesome? Abandoned Landing Pages

About three and a half months ago, I had this really nice landing page made for me and used it in a PPC campaign.  I ran that one for about a month, and then turned everything off and pretty much forgot about it.

Fast-forward to last week: I received a commission from that offer.  Turns out that my little abandoned LP was receiving a trickle of organic traffic.  Boy, am I glad I added Google analytics to that page.  I checked the page’s statistics to see what keywords were bringing the most people, did a little SEO with that data, and waited.

Two days later, my page was (and still is) ranking #1 on Yahoo for its primary keyword.  That’s with 0 backlinks too (page titles can make a world of difference).  That site proceeded to make me over $200 over the next few days, and I’ve decided to try and capitalize on it a bit more with some additional link building (directory subs, etc).

What can you learn from this?  Always put Google analytics code on your sites, even if you’re only going to use them for paid traffic.  I never expected to start ranking in that particular niche (it’s incredibly competitive), but now I’m holding the #1 spot for some pretty decent keywords.

Organic traffic is free traffic, and free money is always nice.

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2 Responses to “You Know What’s Awesome? Abandoned Landing Pages”

  1. Reid Says:

    Why the Complex (and Useful) Google Analytics ? I personally prefer Statcounter . Geoff, maybe generalizing would help. A WebStatistic provider is what you meant. Just could’nt stop myself from being the Snob ;)

  2. FacebookMoneyMaker Says:

    Nothing beats that. When you did a little SEO, did you just do some article submissions with that ranked keyword in anchor text? Or something more complex?

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