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If You’re Not Using Prosper202, You’re a Moron

Prosper202 is incredibly awesome.  If you are doing anything more than the simplest forms of PPC, you can’t afford not to use this software.

I’m aware that this is old news, but being the king of poor decisions, I put off using it until a friend of mine brought it up roughly ten thousand times in one conversation.  Knowing that I had nothing to lose and an extra, useless domain kicking around, I installed it and setup some campaigns.

I know P202 has plenty of features, but if I could sum up the whole package in one awesome word, it would be this: Graphs.  So many graphs.  I love graphs.  They show me how my campaigns are doing, which keywords and demographics are working for me, how many clicks I’m getting, what my ROI is, etc.  If you’re a graphophile such as myself, that one feature would make the whole thing worth it.

Without P202, my campaigns would be nowhere near as optimized as they are now.  Thanks to its reporting features, I can easily see and subsequently axe ad groups that aren’t performing well, adjust CPC, and pretty much make the most use of my money.  Just as an example, I’m running a bunch of dating ads on Facebook.  I created a ton of ads for a ton of demographics and let them run for a week.  At the end of the week, my ROI was pretty dismal: 20%.  After looking through my beautiful graphs and reports, I was able to determine which demographics were performing strongly and axed the others.  After doing that, the next week I had a 96% ROI, and nearly as much profit as the previous week.  Much rejoicing was had.

So, in short, go download and install Prosper202.  If you don’t have an extra domain, just buy some cheap .info and stick it on there.  It will more than pay for itself.

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5 Responses to “If You’re Not Using Prosper202, You’re a Moron”

  1. WillRight Says:

    Actually, you’re not a moron if you choose not to use it, it’s easily hackable, someone can just take your strategy and run with it. Good Day

  2. Geoff Says:

    Except they patched that bug within hours of it being reported. The exploit wasn’t even with the software, it was with the encryption.

    So yeah, not so much.

  3. ImagesAndWords Says:

    Yes, Prosper202 is truly awesome. I never start a campaign without making sure it’s tracked there first.

  4. Google hack to spy on affiliates using prosper202 | marchionni.ch Says:

    [...] query will find domains with prosper202 installed on it. So better hide your links from [...]

  5. kim Says:

    I want to install P202, but don’t know how to “Create a database for Prosper202 on your web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.”

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