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You’d be Surprised at What You Can Sell Online

Lots of people make money online by writing articles, right?  Trouble is, that’s a tough market to break into.  You’ve got the established, well-respected guys who have tons of satisfied customers, and they can charge pretty much whatever they want.  On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the monkeys with keyboards and a thesaurus that chage $0.005 per word, driving down the average price and spewing out tons of crap.  Out of sheer boredom, I decided to try to find a happy medium between the two, and possibly make a few bucks in the process.

To be an online content writer, you have to:

  1. Be knowledgeable about a subject
  2. Be able to effectively research a topic
  3. Have a unique writing style

Options one and two left me with very few possible articles (and even fewer clients), so I decided to invest all of my efforts into option 3.  Specifically, I decided to advertise my writing skills as an angry ranting service.  For as little as $0.02/word, I would rant and rave about nearly anything, and wouldn’t you know that I ended up with a pile of orders.  I even had to raise my prices a bit to stem the tide so that I could keep up with everything.

Anger is in no short supply on the Internet, so it beats me why people wanted to purchase my writing style.  Still, money is good so I’m not going to argue.  If you have a unique writing style, try hawking it on DP some time, you might just be surprised.

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6 Responses to “You’d be Surprised at What You Can Sell Online”

  1. Jake Says:

    Call me a noob but could you explain what DP is?

  2. Andreas from Xavier Media Says:

    DP = DigitalPoint found at http://forums.digitalpoint.com

    May we like anger as much as we like gossip? Everyone says they don’t care about who slept with who from the gossip magazines, but still they sell alot.

    Also whenever the newspapers use words like sex and drugs, they sell much more issues…..


  3. QuadsZilla Says:

    I’ll hire you - hit me up.

  4. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Interesting. One wonders where you were finding these buyers. Hit me up with an email if you get the time. I’m starting to get back into blogging, just not sure about the future of my tryingtoblog site and with that means I’m unsure about how much I’ll get into the MMB feeds.

  5. Jay Says:

    Upon your advice, I perused the Content Creation section of Digital Point. I found the juxtaposition of posts looking for writers just above and below the posts from writers seeking jobs to be amusing. Do these people not read the forums where they post?

    Sadly, I found no writing jobs that interested me, nor was I compelled to post an ad for my writing service. I suspect that few, if any, professional writers began their careers by producing filler content for pennies per word. The folks at Digital Point are not producing quality articles. A quality article should be well researched, carefully constructed and longer than 400 words. What the folks at digital point are seeking and producing is just by-product – leftovers from other writers’ work that is ground up and stuffed into casings to be sold as “near-content.”

    My distaste for the affiliate marketing industry grows stronger every day. I have yet to see any evidence to refute my theory that the only profitable niche on the internet is selling products to newbie affiliate marketers. The spirit of this site was uplifting at first. Now I fear it feels less genuine.

  6. Will Says:

    “My distaste for the affiliate marketing industry grows stronger every day. I have yet to see any evidence to refute my theory that the only profitable niche on the internet is selling products to newbie affiliate marketers.”

    Would you like to look evidence square in the face? Go to Mahalo.com. You see, Mahalo is an affiliate website. Why? It does not sell direct advertising. It’s only source of current revenue is adsense and other affiliate programs. You can create a similar thing. Mahalo is just a blog ring with branding. So there’s your proof that there’s more to affiliate marketing than ponzi-schemes. Now, create your own little Mahalo. Buy articles and throw them up on your site. Surround the articles with affiliate ads etc.. Off you go…

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