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Anybody Wanna Buy This Site?

Jason is selling his blog.  So is the Sly Guy.  It’s obvious that I’m not doing much with this site anymore, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon too.

Anybody wanna buy CGR?  I’ll part with it for an easy $1,000.

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4 Responses to “Anybody Wanna Buy This Site?”

  1. Brian Says:

    Can you e-mail me at info [at] iwantpennies.com and let me know the best way to contact you? E-mail me your skype if you have it.



  2. Animation Art Fan Says:

    Hehe, I don’t think you should sell…and the lack of response to the sale isn’t so good either…keep it going!

  3. Sky Xavier Says:


    can you please mail me the details on the given id? i am interested if the offer suits to me.


  4. Jared Stenzel Says:

    I’m interested in your blog. I would have to think about it.

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