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Two Days Left

Well, it’s been fun, but the reserve price for this site has been met and there’s only two days left in the auction.  Soon, someone else will be the proud owner of Can’t Get Rich.

I started this site over a year ago because I thought John Chow was the coolest guy ever.  In the time since then, I’ve learned a great deal about making money online, and most importantly that there are better ways to make money than selling ad space on a blog.  That said, I’ve had a lot of fun writing for this site, producing the podcast, and meeting some of the big names in this “industry”.

I’ll make another post when the auction is over.  Until then, why don’t you check out my new site: GamerBlag - A Community Driven Gaming blog.  Don’t bother to remember the name though; Apparently, I’m violating someone’s trademark and need to pick a new one.

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3 Responses to “Two Days Left”

  1. Andreas from Xavier Media Says:

    Good luck with the auction and your future projects.


  2. Ben Helps Says:

    Hello. Helllloooooo. ECHO Echo echo …

    So, is the new owner going to make an appearance?

  3. dave Says:

    Good luck… So how much do you make a month online now?

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