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Can’t Make Money Online? No BS Reason

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately on what I want to do with this blog.  When I first started online, I wasn’t making any money.  Despite doing a TON of research, testing, etc., I was having a hell of a time even making a few bucks.

When I finally did start making money, I was trading hours upon hours of time for $20 here, $50 there, and maybe $100 or so every now and then.  I looked around in forums, read reviews of other products, bought a few guides and software programs, and everything just seemed to show me that there was no way to make money online (at least not enough to make me excited).

Then it all changed.

I decided to stop reading so many forums on internet marketing, I stopped doing what everyone was doing or telling me to do, and I started just playing around to test things on my own.  It was shortly after that that I made some pretty cool discoveries:

  • The majority of advice given online is from people who have no real clue what they’re talking about.
  • Forums are full of even more people who have no real clue what they’re talking about (with the exception of a few good posts here and there).
  • Some methods that people claim work are complete and utterly ridiculous.
  • Some methods that people claim don’t work actually work incredibly well if you know what you’re doing.
  • It all comes down to knowing how to sell and WHAT to sell, and since most people don’t know what to sell or how to sell it, everything they try will suck (regardless of the products, guides, tools, or whatever else they buy, even though they’ll blame everyone except their freakin’ selves).

You have to think on your own, learn from your own mistakes, and be able to critique your own business.  It is only then that you can truly benefit from the loads of marketing guides and software programs out there (assuming that they’re good to start with).

After I starting fending for myself, I quickly had days where I’d make more in a single day than I would in entire months prior to that — and I did it with very limited knowledge and resources.  I had crap for a mailing list, didn’t know a soul in the world who would promote for me, and I started with barely any money to invest.

I’m not going to throw out ridiculous numbers or any crap like that, but since then, things have only gotten better.

That’s why I’ve been thinking about this blog so much and exactly what I want to do with it.  I started out being pessimistic with making money online, but I eventually turned that into my full time job (and loving it).

I want to debunk some of the common misconceptions out there, as well as tell you how I made money even on methods that others say don’t work.

I also want to review a few products every now and then, and I’m considering doing it even without using any affiliate link.  Too many whiners tend to bitch and moan anytime an affiliate link is used … probably because there are so many money whores out there looking to promote anything that pays them even a nickel … but I’m definitely not one to give up my soul for a freakin’ nickel (that would require at least $5 … just kidding).  Then again, if I don’t use an affiliate link, some bastard will probably accuse me of getting compensated in some other way if I write a good review, so maybe I’ll just say @!?* it and let the whiners whine.  What do you think?

So starting from this point on, you’re probably going to see some great money making methods here, definitely some controversy, and when everything is all said and done, with any luck, I might also get to piss a few people off.  :)

Oh, and I’ll be sure to update this blog at least every few days or so.

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13 Responses to “Can’t Make Money Online? No BS Reason”

  1. Leon Says:


    Great news about the new posts coming. I agree that things definitely get a lot easier after you have a little experience of trying out things yourself, and especially after you start to see some success. You move from a ‘what will work?’ mentality, to a ‘I know what will work, now all I have to do is apply that’ mentality. So if you know that Facebook advertising ‘works’, then you just have to apply that (with the right offer/landing page/demographic combo). More generally, you know that traffic brokering ‘works’ so all you need is the right traffic/offer/lp. And you keep testing and tracking until you get the right combination.

    Anyway…looking forward to the money making methods ;-)

  2. Geoff Says:

    Exactly. Too many people don’t bother trying things for themselves, and as such, they base everything on what they hear from others. And unfortunately, the majority of people out there giving advice don’t have a freaking clue as to what works and what doesn’t — they just repeat what others have told them or what the latest product launch says.

  3. Joe Says:

    Hey Geoff

    Glad you are continuing. Looking forward to it…

    I’ve had a similar experience:
    - read way too much
    - try a few experiments
    - do OK to BAD
    - got sick of it all and am just trying my own path now.. it’s slow going but a lot more fun

    i still read RSS reader (otherwise wouldn’t be writing this now!) but it’s now more of a scan of headings for good stuff.

    I enjoyed your podcasts quite a bit so any plans to do more?


  4. Geoff Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Yeah, most people trying to make money online tend to spend way too much time reading and not enough time doing. If you spend 90% of your free time reading those internet marketing forums, you might learn a few things, but you’ll probably continue not making much money.

    You need to get out there and just do things on your own. Once you’re making something, then look to see how you can improve it. It’s kind of like trying to learn calculus without knowing how to add yet.

    As for the podcasts, I might do some of those or videos soon.

  5. Ben Helps Says:

    I find the biggest obstacles to getting started are:
    1. The perception that to get a “good” start you need to outlay money to start with. Not (neccesarily) the case.
    2. The fact that (in my experience) most make-money-online ideas don’t start out making a lot of money, but they do start out taking a lot of time. A bit turn-off for most people - especially if they are struggling financially and really need the income boost.

  6. Ryan Williams Says:

    Nice article, and I like your website idea. I’m just getting started with my website, and look forward to reading more from you.

  7. Geoff Says:

    Ben, you’re absolutely right. Most people don’t like putting the time in and want instant gratification, which rarely seems to happen. Speaking from some experience, AFTER you start getting your first few successes, that’s when it starts to get easier and seem more “instant” than before. :)

    Ryan, glad to have you here! I always welcome feedback and would love to hear what my readers want or like.

    - Geoff

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    i am new to this make money online programs. i used Adsense and Adbrite for making money online.

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  10. Andy Says:

    I have been working hard at making any money online for two years. I made $100 from adsense in about 16 months!

    I too am disillusioned about the whole thing. I have put hours and hours into putting up sites, writing content, google adwords, affiliate marketing and a whole lot more.

    I know that my knowledge is more than most but still I can’t make more than $1 a week. Which is a poor return for the 15 hours a week I put in on top of my normal job.

    I am not even after 10k$ a month just $100 would be great.

  11. Geoff Says:

    Not to bash Adsense or anything like that, but I’ve found that other forms of monetizing (affiliate links, your own products, etc.) make you MUCH more for almost the same amount of effort. For instance, if you have a blog post or website reviewing different web hosts, you could rely on Adsense and probably make a few bucks now and then, or you could set up some affiliate links and probably make 50x that per click.

    Sure, it takes a little extra work, but I find it well worth it.

  12. ingrid Says:

    This is my last shot . I have spent three solid months and by full time I mean 15hours solid some days . The book Egyptian phrases for jetsetters on my website I wrote myself . I spent hours on it over about eight weeks and it was based on research results for Sims3 adventure to egypt a virtual reality video game launching in november . Advertised everywhere..youtube and more not even a query.I have three hoplinks with hi gravitys on clickbanks done all the neccessary. Well at least I haven’t lost any money. I could have spent $4000 to join one of the ‘brilliant’ programmes. I am so glad I didn’t. Studied SEO for a solid week. Round and round in circles. Sorry to sound pessimistic but I have some serious doubts and I do expect to work at it but…

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