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Cool SEO trick that most overlook

Here’s a cool SEO trick that most people overlook despite how easy it is to get ranked fast in Google, Yahoo, or just about any other search engine (I find it works best with Google, though):

1.  Do keyword research (Google has a cool keyword generator tool) on keywords in your niche.

2.  Select keywords that seem decent but aren’t too competitive.  One trick I do here is to search for more long tail keywords (for instance, if your niche was motorcycles, I would try to go for terms like “buy motorcycles online” or “where to buy motorcycles online” instead of “motorcycles”) or target the longer tailed keywords that you find using that Google keyword tool mentioned above.

3.  Once you narrow this list of keywords down a little bit, go to Google and put each term in quotes and do a search (this will only show results that contain exactly that keyword).  Then make note of how many times the EXACT keyword terms show up in the meta tag titles (the blue links that are displayed in the search results).  If there are no top ten results with the keyword, keep special track of those.  If there are less than 3 or so, also write those down in another category.

4.  Now take all the terms that had no results or very few in the meta tag titles and either create a webpage with the terms in the meta tag titles or do a blog post with the keywords being in the post title (the title of your blog post — like mine here is “Cool SEO trick that most overlook”).  If you have very little website skills, try using Blogger.  Do one post per keyword term (you can maybe do two keyword terms in one post if it makes sense).

5.  Now ping your blog post or webpage.  One of my favorite pinging services (free, of course) is Pingoat.com.

6.  Sit back and watch.  In most cases, you’ll see your post or webpage being ranked within a few hours tops — sometimes it might take a couple days, but 80% to 90% of the keywords that you picked (if you did your research right) should be showing up with your site on page 1 of Google.

Keep in mind that you might not get a ton of traffic from most of these keywords (although some certainly can give you a lot), but they quickly add up.  Even if each keyword gives you 10 to 100 new visitors a month, that quickly adds up when you do several of these.  When you do dozens to even hundreds of these, you can get some massive traffic that’s all 100% free from your new organic search results.  :)

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2 Responses to “Cool SEO trick that most overlook”

  1. Brian Says:

    Hah, I almost can’t believe it! That sounds almost too easy to be true, but I just tried that and it worked amazingly just as you said.

    I can see how doing this on a larger scale could quickly add up fast. Thanks for the tip! You got me hooked!

  2. billly bob Says:

    or you could use intitle:

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