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How to Make Easy Money Online and Offline — perhaps the biggest secret

As I’m sure some of you are aware, I started out not making a ton of money online … then I had SOME success, then I had a little more, then some more, and then a lot.  :)

Now, there are probably hundreds of lessons that I’ve learned from this, but the biggest secret I’ve seen to making money online is that it’s all going out there and creating relationships and knowing what you can offer.

Before you walk away thinking “duh, everyone talks about creating relationships with their customers,” I’m not talking about that.  In fact, even though I think that’s useful, I think that’s a very MINOR thing when it comes to making serious money online.  It’s funny how everyone else preaches that, though.

Instead, I’m talking about business relationships with other influential people in your market / industry.

Sure, if you’re starting out like most people online (or like I was long before), you might think that any influential people in your industry could care less about you or helping you, and you’re probably mostly right about that … unless you have something of value to offer them!

Realize that every business online and offline is about making money.  Some of the guys making the biggest amounts of money online already have a lot of influence and know how to make money fast, and often times they don’t have nearly enough ideas, products, or services than they could be selling.

That gives you a window of opportunity.  If you can create a product, idea, or service and make it hands free for them, offer them a partnership (or give them complete rights to it) and give them a big cut of the sales if they promote it as their own and you take care of all the support and backend work, it’s really a no brainer to most of those guys.

They get a product they can call their own, they don’t have to lift a finger on the support, and they get a big chunk of money.

If you can offer that, you can approach almost any joint venture partner, business, or major player online.  Just make sure that a) you can create a cool product or service b) you can do a good job managing the support and taking care of the customers and c) you can offer them a big cut (50% would be a MINIMUM — the more the better if you’re just starting out to entice them to partner with you).

Once you land your first deal like that, they’ll be back for more if you do a good job.  On top of that, others in the industry will notice you and start to see if they can partner with you.  And if they don’t come to you, you can seek out other partners, mention that you’re associated with the more well known person or business, and gain credibility and partners that way as well.

Literally all you have to do is find an e-mail of a few of these influential marketers or businesses and see what you’re able to do (or attend a seminar and do the same).  Just make sure that you’re able to put something together first instead of just saying that you will (they’re use to people who never follow through on stuff).

On top of that, most people fail here because they either a) have a crappy idea or product (in that case, you should learn how to create a good one) b) they never ask for help in areas where they suck (they assume they can come up with an idea, create the product, fund it, and market it without any help) and c) they offer a tiny cut to the marketer to market the whole thing for them thinking that they’re entitled to most of the profits because they thought of the idea (that’s stupid — ideas are worth a dime a dozen if they aren’t followed through or marketed correctly).

And if you have a killer idea but don’t know how to create it, find either a cheap worker (writer, programmer, etc.) on sites like www.bestjobs.ph, craigslist.org (local or foreign workers work fine — search other countries for some cheaper deals), rentacoder.com, freelance.com, elance.com, college job wanted classifieds, etc. and get it made.  Or try to make a deal with some of those guys to get a cut of the profits (if it’s an easier task or one that you know you can make a deal with and market) … or a combo thereof. 

Then if you’re dirt poor, you can still get your idea to come to life, and you now have something of value to offer those bigger players in your market.  If you can follow through and don’t slack off in any of these areas (and get a realistic mindset of what you can do or ask for just starting out), it’s almost impossible to fail when it comes to making easy money online or offline.

So if ever you hear someone asking “how do I make easy money online,” point them to this blog post and tell them to get working on it.  :)

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    1. Marketing Newb Says:

      Hey Geoff.. Thanks for the post.. hadn’t really thought of doing this. Are you speaking from personal experience here? i.e. did you successfully sell a product through a bigger fish?

    2. Ways to make easy money online or offline? Says:

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    3. ways to make easy money offline Says:

      ways to make easy money offline…

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