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Easy Make Money Online Trick Method #1

For those of you still struggling to make a few bucks online, which was the same boat I was in years ago, I’m going to release a few methods that worked for me that I thin ANYONE can do.  And no, you don’t have to pay me a dime, nor will these posts lead up to some huge product to buy (just in case there are any cynical readers amongst us — haha!).

Here’s a method that should make you anywhere from $100 to a couple hundred dollars each time you do it.  It only takes an hour or so of work, and it can be repeated almost as often as you’d like … to a point.  And you might even get lucky and land some profits even higher than a couple hundred dollars, but I’m just trying to be as realistic as possible for someone starting out.

Here’s the method:

1. Go to a forum / website that has a “websites for sale” section.  One of my favorites for this is Digital Point … mostly because they’re full of cheap bastards and low price point stuff.  The Warrior Forum also has a comparable section … but they’re kind of the opposite of DP — they’re often full of bastards who think they’re work is worth 10x what it should be.  So in this case, focus on the undervalued, cheap bastards.  :)

2. Once you find the sub-forums selling websites, locate the super cheap ones.  By super cheap, I mean $100 or less.  You’ll find more of these on DP than most other sites.  If you can get the price to $60 or less, you have almost a guaranteed winner.  Just make sure that the site looks at least semi-okay.  It doesn’t have to be awesome, but it can’t be absolute crap.

3. Steal underwear.

4. Buy up the cheaper sites that seem like they’re at least of okay quality … ideally with unique content (not autoblogs although you can make a few exceptions).

5. Go to a “higher class” forum or website selling place and list the website for sale.  Flippa.com is a great place for this, but there certainly are other places out there.  Do a 3 day or 7 day auction and have the starting bid at twice what you paid, and then have a buy it now for about $100 more than that.  Note that in some cases, you can triple, quadruple, etc. the price if the site appears to be worth it.  Make sure you ask the original seller to delete their old post / thread listing the site for sale.  :)

6. Watch and profit.

7. Rinse and repeat (except step #3, that’s optional).

Note that you don’t have to do this just for cheap sites — you can make even more money finding higher valued under-priced sites where there’s a lot more profit to be made, but obviously more of a risk to you, which is why I suggest that you start out as a cheap bastard (no offense Digital Point posters).  :)

Stay tuned next time for another online money making tip that will allow you to make several times more money than this tip with even less effort … but still give this a shot, as once you learn this for low price point stuff, you can make a ton applying it to the higher price points.

See?  And who said it wasn’t impossible to make money online … oh, that’s right, I once said that.  Oops.  :)

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5 Responses to “Easy Make Money Online Trick Method #1”

  1. sigh Says:

    Man I am offended by this post. There is no way this works anymore. The crappy sites on DP will be of no interest to anyone on flippa and the listing fee alone makes this a ridiculous proposition.
    I am not sure why you would post this nonsense, but my respect for this blog just dropped off a cliff.
    3 years ago? yeah maybe

  2. Geoff Says:

    Still works great now — you just have to pick your sites well. In fact, oddly enough, shortly after I wrote this, I heard from two buddies of mine who told me that they make a ton of money following almost this very same method (with a few unique twists).

    And if you’re saying there’s no way this works any more, you’d be GREATLY mistaken as you’re talking to someone who still does this to this day and knows others who do this same thing each and every day.

    But sorry if you’re offended by me giving you a free tip that actually makes money. :)

    Feel free to follow up with better advice if you have any….

  3. Timmy Says:

    Hahaha Geoff, ignore Sigh or whoever that no name commenter is. Anyone who says this method doesn’t work as 100% fact is either an idiot who just wants to b*tch or someone not smart enough to do it right.

    People have been doing this for years. If it didn’t work, no one would be selling sites on Flippa or anywhere else for that matter. What you outlined above works awesome if done right.

    Keep up the tips and don’t let the dbags say otherwise.

  4. Geoff Says:

    Thanks Timmy — I don’t take what sigh said as an insult or anything. Anyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. I’m guessing that maybe they haven’t had much luck doing that (or haven’t tried at all) because they’re looking in the wrong places or for the wrong deals.

    But I wanted to clarify something — the warrior forum isn’t a BAD place, and I didn’t want my post to come off suggesting that. You CAN find some good deals there (they even have a website classifieds section for sites for sale) now and then as well, but you’ll see it mixed in with some crazy offers too. Then again, the same can be said about Flippa.

  5. Vester Says:

    Great tip! I always thought there was money to be made in selling those cheaper sites, but I never figured out how someone could make a profit on them. After reading your post, I checked out the sites you mentioned and a few others and saw that you really could get the sites for a fraction of the price of what I thought was “cheap.” Sweeeeeet!!! I’m already getting some ideas.

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