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Easy Make Money Online Method #2 (deadbeat easy)

On my last post, I talked about how you can buy up sites for cheap at one place and sell them for more at another place.  One commenter left a comment saying that this method may have worked a few years ago but not any more — I beg to differ, as I do this myself to this day, as do dozens of others.  However, he / she would be right in that it might not be deadbeat easy your first time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a very easy way to make a couple hundred dollars whenever you want.

However, this next method IS deadbeat easy and can be done on a smaller scale or a super large scale with ease.  It’s also related to the Easy Make Money Online Method #1, but I much prefer this one and it can be a great source of recurring income.

Here’s what you do:

1. Do one (or more) of the following:

A)  Search for a worker who performs a web-related service (or post an ad) on a site like Craigslist (or any other such site).  Doesn’t matter if it’s a U.S. worker or Filipino or whatever (Filipino workers can be found searching the Philippine section of these sites).

B) Find an existing service package from a worker on a forum or classified site like above, but make sure that the package price is reasonable / cheap.

2. Then either raise the price of the package or add a few more tasks to the service to increase the perceived value (without increasing the price much).  What’s that you say???  You want some examples???  You bet!  Example numero uno — find an article writer who writes articles and instead of just charging more per article, sell a combined package of a bunch of articles, submission to article directories, keyword optimization, and so forth (you can keep going and make it a larger and larger package).  You can even combine it with simple stuff like blog commenting, forum posting, etc..  Example numero dos — find a backlink builder or commenter and put a large package together with xxx amount of links or comments.

Then not only can you charge a lot more than what your raw labor costs are, but you can take this to the next level and turn it into a monthly service to charge a monthly fee for both examples.  There are literally hundreds of different ways you could make money here with this, but these are just two easy examples.

3. Now that you have your team or service put together and profits figured out, it’s time to get more people to buy your service.  To do this, I recommend doing the following:

A)  Post in the services section on sites like Craigslist.

B)  Post your service on forums that offer free or cheap advertising (like the Warrior Forum) — there are tons of these.  This can be one of the easiest ways to get tons of sales.

C)  Search the web and the above places for people that might be interested in buying your service and let them know about it.

D)  Mail your list (if you have one) with the offer (it’s easy enough to whip up a simple sales page for it or hire a designer for $100 to do so), or start to approach potential joint venture partners with your new service — you can even offer to brand it in their name so they can either take a cut of the profits or just sell it for more than you.

E)  If it’s a good enough offer that converts, after you have a webpage for it (note that you don’t need one for most of these methods), you can do paid advertising like banner ads, PPC, etc. to test out the conversions there, but I only suggest this method after doing the above and having luck with those, as you definitely don’t have to spend a dime to make mucho money here.

Once you do this well, there’s awesome tools out there (more on that later) to do this 100x faster, but they’re not needed to start making money here.

And that’s it!  Easy enough, right?  I thought so…  :)

Stay tuned, as in addition to some more cool money making methods of my own, I’m going to spice up the next post a bit and offer everyone here a contest to win some $$$$$.

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3 Responses to “Easy Make Money Online Method #2 (deadbeat easy)”

  1. Timmy Says:

    Awesome man! You just gave me some ideas after reading that… You’re one of the few blogs I subscribe to and read whenever there’s a new post. Do you plan on keeping up the blog posts like you have been the past week or two? Loving it…

    Your plan here is so friiiiicking simple I can’t believe I never put two and two together here.

  2. Bob57 Says:

    Thanks for this! Always nice not to have to pay for such information. One question….

    How much of a profit margin should one shoot for? 50%? Is that too high or too small?

    Awaiting your next post for this contest of yours.

  3. Travis Says:

    Bob, I can’t speak for Geoff, but I follow a similar model above and my profit is a minimum of 50%. Usually I like to keep it closer to 66% to 75% profit margins if I can. In some cases a lot more than that even.

    You’d be surprised how easy it is to package a few services together and charge a decent rate for it after finding cheap workers. People pay for the convenience of having everything at once, even if they know that they can buy them separately for less …. although most won’t know that they can buy it separately for less.

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