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New Contest! Make Money Online Ideas — Get $100

So if you’ve been reading anything on my blog for the last couple weeks, you know that I started giving out different online money making ideas.  I plan to continue that indefinitely with at least one new method a week or so …. unless I get lazy …. then it might take longer than one a week …. but hopefully I won’t get lazy.  :)

I have a BOATLOAD of methods that I’ve tried, and I have a smaller boatload of methods that actually worked for me (still in the dozens).  However, rather than have all of the ideas come from me, I thought it’d be fun to get all of my readers involved in it ….. and non-readers too — I’ll spread the love …. as long as there’s no crabs or anything like that coming with it…..

So here’s the deal:

Submit any / all of your money making ideas to me at cantgetrich [at] gmail.com.

By doing so, you’ll be giving me permission to use and talk about that money making method.

If I post the method and it’s actually good, I’ll Paypal you $10 and post a link to you for credit (if you want a link / credit).  If it’s not that good of a method … well … I probably won’t be posting it anyway so that doesn’t matter.

(But wait, there’s more! ….. including more money in it for you!)

Please have the methods be at least somewhat unique and not standard stuff — if you say “write a review of a Clickbank product with your affiliate link” and don’t provide any other tips or information or specifics on that, don’t be expecting me to post that (although you certainly could provide more details or tips on how to do a CB review and get it posted).

And to top it off…

The best one that I receive the first week will get a $100 Paypal prize.

So there you have it — not only will I enter you into a contest for a $100 Paypal price, but I’ll also PAY YOU if you have a good enough money making method that makes this blog AND you’ll get a link to your site.  I’m pretty f-ing awesome, aren’t I?

Two Random Announcements …… well, one is more like a rant:

First, the rant…. I know this is off topic, but it’s my blog so I get to be off topic when I want (dammit!).  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of reviews of products that are either worthlessly just trying to get an affiliate commission or just whining or bashing the product (that’s right folks, it goes both ways) … often times never even using the product or giving it a fair chance.

This past week, I’ve seen worthless products getting praised up the wazzoo, as well as awesome products get bashed.

Pretty soon I’m going to start writing product reviews and summaries WITHOUT an affiliate link and WITH awesome advice on how to use them (or at least how I use the products) with the good, the bad, and the f-ing ugly.

Announcement #2: This blog will be undergoing some minor maintenance sometime in the next day or two, so it might temporarily be down for several hours.  If that happens, don’t panic, take a paxil, and chill until I get back.

Oh, and e-mail me for this contest….

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3 Responses to “New Contest! Make Money Online Ideas — Get $100”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Jezzzzzus people, very few of you have actually sent anything. Realize that I’m PAYING YOU and giving you FREE BACKLINKS to your site? $10 per post plus the chance to win $100 if I really like it. I’ll extend the offer another week or so for those of you still wanting to do this.

  2. Pink Diamonds Says:

    is the offer still open?

  3. Geoff Says:

    Yep, I extended it because not as many wrote in, so I’ll actually make it evergreen — same offer if I use it, and $100 to one really really good one each month or so.

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