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Easy Online Money at Fiverr

I’m sure many of you have heard of Fiverr.  But if you haven’t, it’s basically where you can buy or sell literally almost anything for $5.

I feel like sometimes people are almost whoring themselves out for $5, but it just adds to the amusement of what people are willing to do for a few bucks…

But here’s the thing…

There’s a lot more to be made over at Fiverr if you do things right.  Here’s how you can pile up some good paying customers and build a buyers list pretty quickly:

1.  Offer some kind of a normally free or cheap service for $5 as a trial or as a starting point to a larger sale.  For instance, maybe you offer to analyze their website and offer SEO suggestions for $5, but you then try to market an SEO service to them for something like $97 / month or so (or whatever).  Or another example would be that you offer to help them pick out some kind of high price point product online (maybe they need help buying a tv, computer, jewelry, furniture, etc.) and for $5 you’ll help find them the best deal …. and then use your affiliate link when you give them the suggestion (ensuring that you get that cut off your suggestion).

2.  Sell some “secret” or “tip” for $5 that is part of a larger package of yours.  For instance, maybe you have a guide on how to improve your golf game — you can offer personal tips on how to improve their putting for $5 and hope that some buy your larger package.

3.  Similar to #2, you can sell similar tips in the form of a newsletter or even just charge $5 to get them to sign up for your newsletter with all sorts of goodies.  This builds a list of buyers and lines them up to buy more in the future.

4.  Search for the “wanted” section there to see what people want, and then find a targeted customer base there and give them what they want using one of the other steps outlined here.

5.  Contact any of the sellers of hot items / services and try to see if they’re willing to do a deal where you can sell their services for more to others …. and then market their services on forums, your mailing list, websites, classified areas, etc. for a huge market (or even hire some of those $5 offers to get them to market you — haha).

So that’s how you can turn $5 to a lot more and start making some easy money online over at Fiverr.

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