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What Happened to Can’t Get Rich?

I’ll tell you what happened: It got bumped down a few rungs on my priorities ladder. First of all, I’m actually making money now. I feel less inclined to update this blog because I’m busy testing things, creating new ads, etc. Secondly, I’m in my final year of college now, and I’m busier than ever. I’m even looking into grad school at the moment, so it’s kinda hard to find time to update when I’ve got a 20 page term paper due in a week.

Believe me, I feel bad. It really feels like I’m letting my readers down (all 250ish of you. How did that happen?). I’d love to update more, but even when I find time to, I can’t come up with any ideas. I still don’t feel like I’m qualified to give anybody advice (not quite a SUPER AFFILIATE or GURU or PRO yet), and all of my hatred and vitriol is being wasted at work and in class.

In short, I don’t know what the futures holds for this site. Maybe I’ll feel compelled to start updating regularly again soon, but I really don’t know. I’d suggest heading over to Wickedfire in the meantime and searching for inspiration there.

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ReviewU Now: Mixed Market Arts

Mixed Market Arts

In case you’re wondering, no, the hat never comes off. I like my hat.

Whew. I haven’t done a ReviewU in awhile, have I? Oh well, time to put on my reviewer gloves. The target of today’s review is Mixed Market Arts, which is owned by Collin LaHay. If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, you might recall him making blogosphere news a few months ago after selling RSSHugger and WordHugger for roughtly eleventy billion dollars.

Anyway, this isn’t about those two services, so let’s talk about Mixed Market Arts. While this blog claims to be a source of mixed marketing techniques, I’m seeing only two predominate themes: Link building and where to get traffic. More on that later.

Let’s take a look at the basics

The first thing I always do when researching a site is click on the ‘About’ page. According to that page, Collin is 18 years old, which seems to be the average age for Internet entrepreneurs these days. It also has a picture of Collin that looks like it came straight out of his yearbook (I’m guessing senior picture. Let me know if I’m right). Man, I had such a great senior picture. My hair was all spiked and everything. Good times. Anyway, Collin, I’d change that to something less formal. Right now it looks like you’re trying too hard. Then again, if you’re really trying embody the whole ‘young professional’ look, go ahead and keep it.

Anyway, Collin is a guy who builds webpages and is an expert in SEO, marketing, and traffic building. He makes thousands of dollars per month online. By comparison, when I was his age I worked as a cashier at Meijer. Good job Collin.

The site itself

Great design, good ad placement, appropriate logo. He even updates fairly frequently, and I’m not seeing any broken links/graphics/buttons. I can’t find anything wrong with this one.

The content

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about link building is on this site. Be sure to check out his link building cookbook. Lots of good and unique ideas there, including one I’ve written about before (CBox spamming for fun and profit). Aside from his cookbook, there are plenty of other posts about how to create, find, or just basically get lots backlinks for your site(s). Other topics include how to take advantage of social bookmarking sites to drive traffic, the occasional post about affiliate marketing, and my personal favorite, how to get your pagerank back.

…Actually I’m already at PR0 so I can’t really sink much lower. In any case, if for some reason I want my old PR2 rating back someday, I’ll be sure to follow Collin’s instructions.


This site is a great resource for how to build your backlinks/increase your traffic/get a good PR. Collin seems to know exactly what he’s talking about, so I’d definitely recommend it to newbies and pros alike.

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The Cow Might Sell His Blog

If you’re a fellow member of the John Cow herd, you’ve probably noticed that he’s been talking a lot about selling his blog. While I think this is a good business move, I’ll be sad to see one of the few competent members of the ‘make money online’ niche go. If he does sell, I’m hoping he’ll start a new blog in a month or two.

I can understand why someone would want to sell a popular blog, but I can’t see why anybody would buy one. If the Cow leaves, so will 90% of his herd (unless the new author has a similar writing style). Most likely, the buyer will immediately over-monetize the site, and it will fall apart like a house of cards. Oh well, the seller gets his thousands, so no big deal.

I’m wondering how much he’ll be able to sell it for though. In his most recent post, he cries out against the ‘10x your monthly revenue’ rule and uses a much more diverse rule set, which prices his blog at over $340k. If I were to follow the rules he laid out, this blog would be worth around $18,500. Tell you what though: If anybody is interested in buying this blog, I’ll let it go for an even $10,000 (that’s 46% off! Better act fast).

Ask yourself: At what point would you sell your blog? If somebody approached you with an offer, how big would it have to be for you to take it? I have no plans to sell this site, but I have assigned a value to it. If someone came to me with that value on a check, you can bet I’d sell without any hesitation. Could I make more six months down the road? Sure, but some money now is worth a lot more than lots of money later.

What happens after you sell a blog anyway? Do you tell your readers? “Hey guys, I’m selling this blog to some other guy, but I’m starting a new blog at www.newblog.com. I’ll just pick up where I left off there.” Something tells me that the buyer wouldn’t be too happy with a post like that, as all of his new readers would vanish within a week. Maybe you have to sign something saying that you won’t blog in the same niche for the next six months. I’m actually curious now. Does anybody know?

Anyway, like I said, I’ll be sad to see the Cow go, but I’ll completely understand. Sell the blog for $25,000 (actually, sell it in Euros. The dollar isn’t doing so hot right now), buy a pet kangaroo (send me a Joey please), and invest the rest into other online projects.

Completely off topic

My traffic has been pretty stagnant for the past few weeks. I want to have another contest, but my last one didn’t do so well. Anybody have any good ideas for a prize?

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ReviewU Now: Retire@21

Retire at 21
I’ve been putting off doing this ReviewU until today. Why? The title of the site I’m reviewing is Retire@21 and, well, I’ve failed. I turned 22 today, and I’m definitely not financially secure enough for retirement. Oh well. According to the sidebar, I can still learn a thing or two.

Meet the man

Retire@21 is run by a 19 year-old guy who is obviously very British (just look at those double-decker buses in the header). According to the About page, Michael Dunlop has been an entrepreneur at heart since the tender age of 5. He got his big break on eBay, making several tons of money, and has since built Retire@21 to encourage other young people to make their fortunes online instead of playing Football or making out with cheerleaders under the bleachers after gym class.

Oh, who am I kidding. I can’t make the obvious ‘Internet nerds don’t have social lives’ joke here. If I had spent 2003 making money on eBay instead of playing Final Fantasy for hours on end, I wouldn’t have a site named “Can’t Get Rich”. Michael, I envy you (especially with the current Dollar to Pound exchange rate).

The site

In addition to most likely having an awesome accent, Michael has a pretty nice site to be proud of as well. The layout is fantastic, and the site itself doesn’t have a ‘bloggy’ feel to it. The front page displays recent interviews with young millionaires, has some limited content, and that’s it. In order to get to the meat of the site, you actually have to browse around (remember the net before blogs?). The top nav bar links to the site’s blog, which is updated fairly regularly (+1), the site’s forum, which shows me that the site has an established readership, and a few lists and individual articles.

Speaking of articles

I love this: Creating your first website. Sure, it’s nothing that hasn’t been said 10,000 times before (although this article puts it all in one place), but look a little deeper. Look at all of those affiliate links. It’s beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many on one page. If one person were to follow the instructions on this page, signing up for hosting, buying a template, and signing up for a few marketing vehicles, Michael would probably make somewhere around $200. This articles is great reading for total newbies, and it’s probably a great source of income for the site. Everybody wins.

What else?

Let’s see. This site seems to have a lot of interviews with people who are

  1. Rich
  2. Creative
  3. Good programmers

Basically, it’s the people that I had in mind when I created this site. I’m really not any of the above, and most people aren’t, thus this site was born. Still, it’s interesting to read one-on-one interviews with the new rich. You might even recognize a few of the names. You might also shed a silent tear over the number of kids who make more than you and can’t even drive yet.

I think I’m going to toss this article in the ‘Lucky Bastards’ category. Anyway, moving on.

The heart of the matter

Strip away all of the impressive extras and you’ll see that this site’s blog is just like any other ‘make money online’ blog. Of course, what all of those other blogs don’t have are the aforementioned ‘impressive extras’. The interviews, the walkthroughs, and the forum make this site into an impressive little community for young entrepreneurs. Inspriational, informative, and interesting. Add this one to your feed list.

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I Want an XBox 360

The Cow is having a contest. I want to win said contest. Why? Because I’m sick of the Wii’s terrible online support. He’s giving away a free XBox 360 Elite, and I want one.

Screw you Nintendo. You promised us a next-gen console, and we’ve received nothing but mediocre crap. It’s time for me to cast off my Nintendo-only hat and find a system with decent online support (and better graphics. and more ’serious’ games). You had your chance, and I’m done waiting.

Entering the contest is simple. You have a variety of ways to get tickets, and after I publish this post I’ll have a total of 560 entries. I really, really would like to win, so I’m going to keep building entries by posting links to the contest everywhere I can think of. Maybe I’ll even enter via my personal blog (if that’s allowed).

Anyway, under no circumstances should you enter this contest. If fewer people enter, I have a better chance of winning.

Edit: Contest is being sponsored by Top Hosting Center. I need to learn to read the rules.

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