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Storming the Beaches

Remember the scene in Saving Private Ryan when they storm the beaches of Normandy? That’s my schedule right now.

Replace the mortar fire with quizzes and homework, and realize that the sense of urgency is being caused by my day job, not my commanding officer, and you’ll get a clear picture of how frantic I’m feeling right now. They don’t waste time burying us in assignments here.

“Oh hi, welcome to summer session ASSUME THE POSITION YOU HAVE 15 SECONDS TO COMPLY.”

I hate to do this, but posting this week will be at random. Also, I haven’t even started on the podcast for this weekend, and it’s already Wednesday. I hate to let you guys down, but my top priority right now is school. I’ll post when I can, but only if I can think of something interesting or useful to say.  As for the podcast, I’m going to take the video game developer approach and say “it’ll be done when it’s done.”

Oh, and I’ve only gotten 4 leads so far for the Advaliant contest. You can probably beat me with little to no effort, so get going.

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Stupid Life, Always Getting in the Way

Little podcast update:  It may or may not happen this weekend.  If it does, great.  If not, I’ll put it up as soon as I finish it.

This week’s fumbling is the result of my life becoming a good deal more chaotic.  My work schedule has changed, and I’ve been fighting with my university all week.  It seems that they’re switching to a new computer system, and in the process, losing all of my registration data.  Repeatedly.  I ended up having to go in and do it the old fashioned way (paper and pen is so last century), so at least that’s settled.

Then, my roommate had to go and have a birthday bar crawl.  That was an interesting night (power went out a few times due to thunderstorms).

I know, I’m just making excuses.  The truth is, I’m terrible at managing my schedule.  I’ll get on top of things and do my best to get the podcast out on Saturday.  In any case, I’ll be interviewing another guy from Wickedfire, one who has a habit of churning out interesting marketing tips.  Should be a good interview, I’ll try not to disappoint.

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Cursing and Swearing

Hey guys, you’ll never guess what happened. Change of plans for this week’s podcast.

I was supposed to do the interview with Eli on Wednesday. He told me that he’d be online all day, and that we could do the interview whenever. Well, whenever didn’t happen, I couldn’t get ahold of Eli, and now he’s on vacation. Shite. Again, my poor planning bites me in the ass.

I decided that I wasn’t going to miss another week, so I called up a friend in Japan and interviewed him instead. So, instead of learning about Eli and his plans for BlueHatSEO, you’ll get to listen to my friend talk about how his travel blog isn’t getting any traffic, and what life in Japan is like for an American.

I’ve learned my lesson. From now on, I’m setting a date and time in stone for interviews. No more scrambling to find people when my original plans fall through. That, and I won’t be doing ‘podcast previews’ until after I actually have the interviews recorded.

Apologies to anyone who was hoping to hear about Eli.

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Podcast Oops

I admit it, I screwed up. Sorry guys, there will be no podcast this weekend.

This one is entirely my bad. Something came up in my schedule, and I kind of have to drop everything and deal with it. It’s nothing bad, I’ll just be out of town for a few days. As such, I won’t have the chance to get all three of the guys I was going to interview together, and I couldn’t find anybody to throw together a last-minute thing.

This is really disappointing for me because I’m just getting started, and getting four episodes done in a row (ie, one month) would have been a nice achievement (not to mention I’ve gotten a lot of new subscribers this week, and I hate to disappoint). I’ll try not to let this happen in the future.

A quick tip

I don’t want this to be a useless post, so I’ll leave you guys with a quick tip (in case you ever want to do a podcast of your own). For starters, I just submitted my podcast to iTunes last night (you guys can stop bugging me now), but I noticed that podPress wasn’t feeding the correct values to the RSS feed. As such, it wasn’t getting my name and description correct in the iTunes summary. So, instead of using the feed that podPress creates specifically for iTunes, I decided to just use my Feedburner feed. I quickly found out that Feedburner anticipated that its users would be publishing to iTunes, so they included an easy way to edit your feed details.

If you’re logged in to Feedburner, select your podcast feed and click on the ‘Optimize’ tab at the top. Click on ‘Smartcast’ in the sidebar, and you’ll see all of the values that your feed passes to iTunes, all laid out in an easy-to-edit fashion. Easy, right? Mess with all of that until you have a nice, pretty iTunes summary.

To fill the void

My guests and I were going to talk about how to go from $0 to $1,000 in your first month of making money online. If you’re really curious about the many ways to do that, and you can’t wait until (hopefully) next week, I’d suggest reading through the Wickedfire Newbie Board. Tons of good information there.

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Can’t Get Rich Podcast - Episode 2

icon for podpress  Can't Get Rich Podcast - Episode 2 [21:00m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (2008)

Here you go guys, episode 2. Once again, you will be graced with my smooth, silky voice.


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