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You Can’t Get Rich With Perfect Spelling

Still resting my brain. Today’s guest post comes from Andreas of Xavier Media.

A couple of years ago (mid-2002 to be exact) I got an idea for a finance related web site so I started searching for a good domain name. I tried typing in different combinations of all finance keywords I could figure out and one of my searches where for mutulfund.com. Guess my surprise when the domain name was available! What I didn’t realize at that moment was that the correct spelling should have been mutualfund.com. I never registered the domain name since I discovered my mistake, but the domain name mutulfund.com is registered by someone today and I guess they get at least enough visitors to pay the domain name fees :D

This story is not about me not being able to spell to mutual fund, but it’s meant to remind you of the horrible fact that people do spelling mistakes all the time. This time I was going to spend a few bucks on a domain name and therefore I checked my spelling a little better then if I would have done a search in a search engine. When people are searching in search engines they type in what they think is the correct spelling of what they want to find. So even if you’ve been a good student in school and done your homework, not everyone else will have done the same which means that you may miss potential visitors, subscribers and in the end: income!!!

Google and a few other search engines are suggesting a different spelling if you do a spelling mistake, but not everyone click on that link. Especially not if they find something really interesting as number one in the search results distracting them from the spelling error.

So when you’re blogging you should miss-spell one of your keywords on purpose just to get a chance of ending up in the search results for both the correct spelling and the miss-spelled word. Please note that I’m not suggesting that you’re going to miss-spell every keyword in your blog, web site or forum. Just one or two keywords on purpose per page (you may do other mistakes too so don’t over do it). If you over do it you may end up losing customers since your site may seem more like a hobby project created by a dyslectic :D

Since the Overture Keyword Tool is dead since a couple of months back Google Trends could be a useful tool to find popular spelling mistakes for your keywords. You could also get a Yahoo! Search Marketing account and use their tool to check high bids for spelling errors, but that may require some deposit or activation fee :(

Please note that I don’t like to read a text full of spelling errors, but sometimes one spelling error could give you more visitors, subscribers and customers.

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You’ll Die Waiting for $$ from Kontera

I’m taking the weekend off. Today’s guest post is from Sabrina of Mouthygirl.com.

My beef with Kontera is not the program itself, the idea is a good one. But hello?!? Can we try some products that people are interested in??? Or maybe some pop up ads that aren’t ugly as hell? Maybe make it a little less cumbersome for the publisher?? There is so much code editing that you have to in order to control the ads, it’s simply not worth it.

I don’t want to write programs if I did, I wouldn’t be a blogger. Kontera should call up Commission Junction and take their programmers out to lunch to learn a little inside knowledge about making things easy for the publisher. Easy publisher use = massive publisher use, DUH!

So the point is boys and girls, JohnChow sings Kontera’s praises because he already makes a mint just by telling people about it and getting them to sign, his money is in the referrals. Meanwhile the little blogs like MouthyGirl.com can’t make a cent because the Kontera context ads suck.

You Can’t Get anywhere in the network of Rich using Kontera. Don’t waste your time. JC makes his money and you get excited over something that will never make you anything. You might as well buy some Jones Soda and join Geoff in the festivities of promoting something you enjoy knowing you won’t make a dime.

Geoff note:

I completely agree with this. Kontera’s popup system gets in the way and is just plain ugly. I find myself staying away from blogs with those obnoxious double lines under their keywords. Thanks to Sabrina for this post.

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You Can’t Get Rich If You’re Not Unique

Heya guys. Filling in for Geoff cos he’s sick lazy. I’m Jason from over at TheUniversityKid.com and will be sharing my (not-so) pleasant views with you all.

There are millions of blogs out there… a good deal of them are involved in the niche that nearly everyone using a computer is interested in – making money online. Now, common logic states that with a ton of blogs, and not a ton of readers, some of them are going to be pretty neglected – and yours will stay that way unless you’re unique.

Although Geoff and I both have similar sarcastic writing styles, the viewpoints of our blogs are pretty different – my push is that of a lazy arsed university student, while his push is of someone that… can’t get rich. When writing a blog, you have got to let your personality show – if you don’t, you’re getting fook all readers.

There are too many make money online blogs that a) have their own views, but are poor in expressing them or worse b) copy the views of the ‘big name’ blogs and are still poor in expressing them. For example, yesterday I came across two websites – JohnyCow.com and NotJohnChow.com. What the f**k!

Now, whilst JohnCow.com originally started out as a parody, these days it has nothing to do with its correctly spelled senior – its views are completely different to the ‘dot com mogul’ (who I don’t read anymore) and dare I say it – a lot more interesting. The first two sites I mentioned though, jeez… whilst the first one has tried to employ decent content (but why not get your own name?) the second one is a carnage of bad colour, poor content and a billboard of all the ads imaginable on the internet (and then some). If they ever manage to break 1,000 RSS Readers legitimately… I’ll eat my hat (to use the common cliché).

I hope I’ve already drilled it into you, but make sure you be unique if you want to succeed as a blogger online. If you don’t want to succeed, by all means – copy one of the big boys and go full steam ahead; don’t be surprised if you receive only a few visitors and comments.

If you like the cynical side of blogging, by all means take a look at my blog.

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